I feel lost i cant cope anymore

Lately ive been feeling lost i dont know what to to with my life i wanna end it so badly but i know it will hurt. I feel like i dont have anyone, all of my friends have their own friends and life but wheres mine ? Lately i seem to be tired and useless i feel like maybe if i end my life everyone would be happier i just dont know what to do im too afraid to share this with people i know so i came here to seek help. I just feel so unmotivated and stress ever since February started not sure what i should do. Schools really drains me too please give me advice to feel helpful and motivated :pray:


Lately i dont feel like living i feel so lost with life, i wanna end it but it will hurt. Everyone i know have their own life and friends i just feel so useless on my bed swiping on people’s Instagram stories with their friends. That feeling of emptiness, a void inside my heart is always there. Ever since 2024 started i just dont feel as happy or energetic as before, not sure whats the cause of it. I just feel sad and down for weeks. School is draining and so as my friends. Im not sure who to seek out to cause whenever i do they all just give me answers i dont wanna hear. All i need is just reassurance and hope from them is that so hard to ask for? I lost motivation in everything, realised ive been drawing lesser too. I just dont know what to do anymore.


Hello @user1021, thanks for sharing so vulnerably here. I can imagine how empty it can feel to be lost in life and without much support from your friends and family. I’ve been through periods like this too.

Is there something in 2024 that you are unconsciously not looking forward to? Maybe that could be contributing to the dreaded feeling.

It’s true that everyone will have their own life and ultimately you have control over how you want your life to turn out too. You mentioned that you draw but you’ve lost motivation recently. What kind of drawings do you do?

Our community is here to support you so keep us updated on how you’re doing!

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Hello there @user1021,

Thanks for coming on and sharing about your struggles with your mood and figuring out what to do. I wanna commend you on your self-awareness and let you know that what you’re thinking and feeling is valid, given what you’re going through. :people_hugging: It must be tremendously difficult to feel adrift to the point of considering an escape route where you no longer need to confront the distress or pain…

I know that this is tough and it would be helpful to get assistance from at least a trusted person when it gets too overwhelming for you. Let the person know about the thoughts you’re having and that you just wanna be safe (e.g., keeping your surroundings safe, put away dangerous items like knifes/medications in locked cabinets, look for you immediately if you’re in distress, etc.). This plan helps the person know what they can do exactly at that moment to support you.

You mentioned feeling unmotivated and stressed since this year - wondering if this had happened to you before? And if so, what had you done before to help you cope? Also, you mentioned seeking reassurance - what is it that can help reduce your worries, and how would that look like if you can take actions to do so? I wonder if the transitions in life you’re experiencing (friendships, school) reflect the importance you place on the values of connection with people, and the changes to what was familiar and constant has thrown you off… Perhaps here is where you can look again at your values, note them down and give them some thought. :thinking: I find that values can be a guide to help us live a life that is true to who we ARE and want to BE.

In the meantime, have you also been taking care of yourself? Please consider, if possible, getting some regular exercise, getting healthy and regular meals, getting hydrated, prioritising restful sleep, and engaging in a relaxing activity. Regarding motivation - it will be great if you can strike a balance between intrinsic (doing things for enjoyment, I’m guessing this is drawing for you) and extrinsic (external rewards like doing well in school to get good grades) motivation; especially when one isn’t working as well for you.

If you feel like you need to speak to someone immediately or things are just highly distressing, you can reach out to Samaritans of Singapore (1-767), IMH’s 24 hour helpline (6389 2222), or SOS’s 24 hour CareText: 9151 1767 (via WhatsApp). I have a sense that there’s more that you’d like to share and I want you to know that I look forward to hear more from you. Until then, take care! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @user1021 I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling this way. It’s important to acknowledge your emotions, and reaching out for support is a positive step. Consider talking to someone you trust about your feelings, whether it’s a friend, family member, or a mental health professional. Reassurance and hope are valid needs, and expressing them can help others understand how to support you. Additionally, taking small steps to engage in activities you used to enjoy, like drawing, might help lift your mood. Remember, it’s okay to seek help, and you don’t have to navigate these feelings alone. Take care, :orange_heart:

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