I need therapy without my parents consent or acknowledgement

I don’t know anymore. I’m tired. Does anyone have any therapy services curated for youths. Or must i tell my parents. I don’t wan to tell my parents because they’ll probably think I’m unhinged.

Hi @okay there are a couple of youth centric services in Singapore. Maybe you can try webCHAT by IMH as a start - webCHAT - CHAT. They can help assess your situation and recommend the most appropriate youth service for you.

Hi @okay

I hear you, and it’s completely understandable that reaching out for support can feel overwhelming. It takes courage to acknowledge when you’re struggling, and I want to assure you that there are resources available to help you.

There are therapy services specifically designed for youths, and your well-being is important. If you’re not comfortable discussing this with your parents right now, that’s okay. You might explore school counselors, teachers, or even reach out to local mental health organizations that can offer assistance while respecting your confidentiality.

Other than that, usually it’s the online platforms that may not require parents’ consent, such as:

I hope you’ll take the time to reach out these mental health professionals and seek the support that you need soon. Let us know your thoughts, hear from you soon.