Instant Age,Fast Pace Of Life And Misplaced " Sense of Urgency"

We live in an Era where almost anything can be done or obtained in an instance. There is value in having things in an instance but it doesn’t apply to everything in life.

A Rolce Royce takes about 6 months to produce and last on an average of 200 years while a Toyota is manufactured in 19 hours and last about 20-30 years.

I learned the hard way that things takes times. Who doesn’t want to lose that excess weight or get in shape in the shortest time possible ? But in actual fact Fitness is a lifestyle not for the next 6 months or 1 year. Obtaining something is one issue but to maintain something is another matter altogether.

Most of society wants to move about in a rush - At Least here in Singapore. Literally Fast Pace Walking No matter the time of the day. Everyone is a hurry to get to one point to another but here is the funny thing. Most of this people when their body is worn out of old age needs a walker or a pmd etc. I mean even in Shopping Malls people are in a hurry. I get it if its rush hour and you need to go to work. And Don’t get me started on driving in Singapore.

Even in Car parks vehicles drive like its an F1 pit stop.

In my opinion it’s a misplaced " Sense Of Urgency ". I was in the military like every other Singaporean Son - Conscripted. There are times and situations - Like when life is in danger ( Police officers and FireFighters ) or damage to property or places. But to be on your toes 24/7 and taking everything like it’s critical will have it effects on the body and the mind.

Point and case to the rising amount of Mental Health Patients not only in Singapore but all over the world. #mentalhealthawareness

Hustle till you drop, Sleep is for the weak, You need to get your first million before 40 and other stuff like that is total crap.

Like i mentioned in a previous post its all about balance and moderation. Learn to take a chill pill- And before you preach to me about everything needs money, it doesn’t take a single cent to go for a walk or take breaths and meditate and of course - to be nice to other people, animals and creatures of the world we live in.

With that,

Yours [Mano Esperanza @Muhammad Nur

Over and Out.