"Sianness" in Youths

Hey everyone!

2 days ago, an article came out online (read here) about how youths are feeling more & more “sian” with their lives, without a sense of purpose or meaning even in their jobs.

If you read the article, it talks about how there’s so much competition and just 1 apparent singular way of “success” (school system), and how it makes the youths today feel “sian”.

An expert from the article suggested “moving away from hyper-competition to a more community orientation, and a focus on contributions as opposed to winning out the competition and being the first”

I’m just wondering if you concur with the article -

  1. That youths or young people these days DO feel “sian” about life, school, and generally everything?

  2. What would help youths/yourself to feel less “sian” about life?

  3. They posed a good question too - "How do we not give ourselves to subtle pressures of what it means to be successful?”

So… :slight_smile:
Feel free to share your thoughts! It’ll be great to hear some honest views about this whole topic of “sianness” in youths today.


Pardon me for my poor grammer.

  1. I think we do, it seems like the only way to get a decent job in this ever increasingly competitive era. The worst is that even if one get a good bachelor or masters degree, it doesn’t me that they will be able to find a good job. Companies expectstions keeps on rising while the pay are not really justified :face_with_diagonal_mouth: It seems as if we live to study, work and die.

  2. I wish I have the answer, but sadly I don’t. We want to have fun but we have no time or money. We want to be able to more than just studies or things that looks good on our resume or profolio just to get into university or a decent job.:man_feeding_baby: :school: :mortar_board: :briefcase: :headstone:

  3. I think it is important to ourselves to recognise that we are define by grades or achievements, we should do things that we want to and enjoy. I’m still working on it. :raised_hand:

This reminds me that my someone once said, “government’s goal is to collect more taxes to improve lives, companies is to make profit and individuals their well being”.


I think there is indeed an underlying feeling of sian-ness all the time nowdays. I have conversations with different groups of friends and its very consistent how everyone is constantly worrying about the future, about succeeding at work, about being available to everything and everyone in our lives. Nowadays the life stressors are brought down to the kids younger and younger. If adulting stress is like carrying a huge cup of water, then the younger generations start holding the cup way earlier, which means they have to hold it way longer, making it so much harder over the duration of life. We don’t want to sound like whiny ungrateful ppl, but maybe most people really have no idea how to actually offload such stressors in life. Is it truly important to always achieve more and better, to always have a plan and idea ahead in life?
I want to find the magic between hard work and fun, so growing becomes enjoyable. It’s truly a skill and I hope I find ways to be in that headspace!!!