Results day

so today is nus results release day. checked it first thing in the morning and i feel like it affected the rest of my day. i think i did fairly okay, but it is still below my expectations. every semester i do my very best, i study hard, take my classes seriously, but i feel like i just cannot pull it off. i am envious of people who are able to have fun and do so well in school, i wish i could be like them too. uni is tough :"( does anyone feel like their results are a huge part of their life/ identity? it shldnt be like this (i think) but its hard to shake the idea off. hope everyone else did ok!


i feel you :< when its so competitive, it feels like the easiest thing to measure your worth in this world is through achievements, and at this point in our lives it means academic success. scoring well used to mean so much to me when i was in sec sch that i’d remember all my mistakes, even till today. but now that im way past sec sch, im looking back and realising that while i still remember the mistakes i made, it no longer matters any more :") that being said, i still struggle with dissociating my identity from my grades, and still most likely will even after i leave the education system (except itll be career success instead of grades),but its an ongoing process of reminding myself that theres so much more to life and to our worth than just how the system measures it. we will all get there one day :> Jia yous!


this is so true - I remember failing an exam once and I thought it was going to be the end of the world but looking back, it was only a small speck of my life. Maybe time heals everything?

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