is this normal?

is feeling insecure normal?

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Hi celest, thanks for raising this question!

Feeling insecure occasionally can be normal and this could possibly stem from the various uncertainties in our life.

Insecurity often comes in the form of automatic negative thoughts, thoughts that are self-critical. This could manifest as us second guessing ourselves about our own abilities, competencies or appearance in relation to a certain standard. It could also be about being uncertain if we could handle any upcoming situations.

Insecurity can also be due to incidents of being rejected by friends in the past, which may result in the experience of low self-esteem particularly in social settings and the fear of being judged by others. Such insecurity could stem from negative evaluations or beliefs about your self-worth.

If there are specific instances or situations that have been evoking this sense of insecurity, you may wish to try out this exercise to see things from a different perspective:

Something else to bear in mind is that we are often a lot more critical with ourselves than others may be, and there is a natural tendency for our brain to focus on the negatives. For this very reason, many of us tend to feel a little awkward when asked to identify our strengths or speak about our achievements. Consciously carving out your strengths may go a long way in uplifting yourself and helping you to reframe some of these negative automatic thoughts. Here are some interactive tools you could use to identify your strengths:

However, if you have prolonged and deep sense of insecurity, it may be due to deeper issues such as past trauma. Constant sense of insecurity can have a significant impact in various aspects of your life and you may need to seek professional help if it impacts your daily functioning.

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Yass it is so normal everyone feels insecure sometimes don’t worry you’re not the only one :slight_smile:

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