Are these normal thoughts? What should I do?

My friends and people around me call me a happy-go-lucky kinda person. I like the people around me, my relationships (romantically/ platonic), my workplace and colleagues.

But sometimes I feel like crying, and I feel bad about myself. How “weak” or emotional I am. Especially after I had a few quarrels w my mum/ bf this year (we don’t usually quarrel).

I want to discuss my thoughts with people - but I’m afraid of burdening them because I know we are all busy with our own lives (I’m in late 20s), but I do still crave for the connection, and of course, I do pour out to them sometimes…

When my friends or bf hear me out, I feel relieved but at the same time, I feel bad for “burdening” them. And I dislike/ feel uncomfy with the idea that they might be more sensitive with how they act/ talk around me (like being more attentive to my mood). I’m also worried that this is an unhealthy dependence, and I don’t want that. At times I also feel guilty for letting others worry about me.

I want to help myself, but sometimes I don’t know how and I feel tired at times and thoughts about how the world would go on/ do well without me pops up. I also have a bad habit of self-harm when I feel overwhelmed with emotions. I’m worried that this is a sign of mental illness, and I also wonder if I’m just overthinking things.

When I’m fine, I’m okay and can go on with life happily (genuinely), doing things I like.

I just feel down in a slump sometimes when I get triggered…

Is this normal? I just feel tired sometimes and don’t know the meaning of life but when I’m normal… I am okay.


Hi @Ichigolicioux

Thanks for sharing with us your struggles, I hear you… It sounds like you’re experiencing a lot of conflicting emotions and thoughts, and it’s completely valid to feel that way. Even though you’re often seen as a happy-go-lucky person by those around you, it’s okay to have moments of vulnerability and sadness. You’re not weak for feeling this way :slight_smile: .

I can understand that you are worried about burdening others with your feelings and I can see that you care deeply about your relationships and want to maintain a sense of independence and balance. It’s okay to seek help and support from others without feeling like you’re overly dependent on them. It’s also important to address any harmful coping mechanisms, like self-harm, and to recognize that these behaviors may be a sign that you need additional support.

I highly encourage you to reach out to a mental health professional who can support you directly and share with you strategies to manage your feelings. Please contact either one of these options soon:

Please keep us updated on how you’re coping? And also if you’ve managed to reach out to any of the professionals for help. Hope to hear from you soon.