Job that suits people who have anxiety

Hello all! I have been facing anxiety (never diagnosed) for a really long time now, and being out and about or being in enclosed environments like meeting rooms, doing interviews etc makes me feel nauseous and on the verge of breaking down. This year it’s been worsening and I have also been on a job hunt for a few months now. Just wondering for those who actually have the same kind of symptoms as me, what type of job are you doing right now?


Hey there @livktj thank you for sharing :slight_smile: seems like you are going thru alot ! Not sure how I can help but maybe we can start with what are your interests in terms of work ?

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Hello! Sadly i do not have any interest. To me as long as theres any administrative/entry level job suits me. I do have a degree in triple E but I have no interest or whatsoever.

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Ahh I see well that’s okay too maybe now could be a good time to explore your interests ? Doesn’t have to be traditional work kinda stuff too.

Im currently in uni and honestly not very interested in my major currently too but I try to try as many things I can haha. At the worst case I discover smt that I do not like or at least I discover a part of my self I didnt know.

I did try some tools tho to better understand what kind of jobs suit me like this tool from e2i

You can book an appointment with a career coach to help you work through your strengths and find something out.

Alternatively, someone close to me actually sought help from a family center when she was facing some anxiety with her job. A counsellor was matched with her and it gave her a space to talk to a professional.

You can find a list here:

Otherwise feel free to share more here haha hope this helps :blush:

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I wish i have the luxury to slowly find an interest with my age… I have bills to pay and I put them on my credit cards so imagine it rolling while being jobless. Thanks for the suggestions tho, i will check them out too!


No problem thank you for being open as well, its not easy but remember to take some time to catch your breath as well hope things work out for you :muscle:t2:

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Hi @livktj

Thank you for sharing with us your struggles. I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through such a challenging time with anxiety, especially in the context of job hunting and professional situations. It’s great that you’re reaching out for support, and I’m sure many people can relate to experiencing anxiety especially about the job hunt.

There are many people with anxiety issues that have full-time jobs and can sustain them, but mostly because they can manage their anxiety and can recognise when the anxiety creeps in. They also inform their bosses about the anxiety and are able to signal when they need to take a “break” to cope in that moment.

I’m curious to know, have you found any coping strategies that help you manage your anxiety in these situations? Additionally, as you manage your job hunt, what aspects of a work environment do you believe would be most conducive to your mental well-being?

For the time being, I do hope that these strategies can help you manage your anxiety a little bit until you are able to seek professional help with a therapist:

  1. Have Self-compassion - Mental Support & Wellbeing Resources in Singapore to Improve Your Mental Health |
  2. Practice Guided meditation - Mental Support & Wellbeing Resources in Singapore to Improve Your Mental Health |
  3. Manage Anxiety - Mental Support & Wellbeing Resources in Singapore to Improve Your Mental Health |
  4. Practice Relaxation - Mental Support & Wellbeing Resources in Singapore to Improve Your Mental Health |

Let us know your thoughts and how else we can support you further? We’d love to journey with you.

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Hey @livktj , sorry to hear what you have been going through. I can imagine that this must be a difficult time for you. Thank you for taking the courage in sharing with us your struggles. :pray:t2:

It’s totally understandable as I similarly experienced great anxiety after my graduation, where I felt a need in getting a job soon so that I could be financially independent.

I was glad to find a job that was suited to my personality traits and strengths through my school’s career advisor. This might be a way for you could explore too?

Additionally, wondering if you manage to find any coping strategies that help you manage such situations?

I want to affirm you again that your concerns are all valid. Feel free to share with us your progress on how it goes!:grinning:

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