many problems by Mental abuse

my parent hurts me mentally daily…if in a bad mood it may result to physical. unfortunately she calls me names swears like useless idiot ■■■■■■■, and sometimes…i feel like shes right maybe i am that useless and cursing her in my mind is just not helping either. i have no one to talk to and its effecting my emotions greatly. i feel like im slowly sliding into depression. But everytime after hurting me she acts normal…as if nothing happened. after that i just act like im feeling fine as well…my body has made it a habit now at home and in school and anywhere at all no matter time or place. i even try cutting myself thinking of dying but i just can’t bear to either. i cant escape

Dear Sen,

I am sad to hear about what you are going through. No one deserves abuse. Is there someone you trust who you can let know what is happening? For example a family member, school counsellor or other trusted adult? It may be beneficial to share your feelings and situation as a form of seeking support and helping you manage the situation in the present moment. An elder could step in as well.

Consulting a professional such as a school counsellor could help you in learning coping skills and brainstorm strategies you could immediately apply to lessen the mental load you are carrying. You are not alone.

Another small step would be to start establishing boundaries, however small they could be. Focus on your goals and create safe space and routines which put you more in control.
Please also do regular self-care, such as doing exercise daily, keeping to a sleep routine, eating healthily and pursuing healthy hobbies. These are enjoyable and remind you of the joys of life :slight_smile:

Please contact the hotlines if you are at risk of immediate harm. You can call 995 or 1767 (SOS 24 hour hotline) to speak to someone.

Remember you are precious and lovable always regardless of how others behave :heart:.

Stay safe :heart:

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thank you that is both sweet and rather contributive<3