Martial arts

Fellow martial artists or fight enthusiast.
Anyone find sparring or fighting relaxing?
Like after a sparring session or fight, the moment when your adrenaline comes down. I don’t understand why it is so addictive.


Hi @Shadowwolfhunter

Thank you for your other post response.
I guess, its the endorphins that get released from the brain to the body that makes it have that " Feel good factor " when we do physical activities like running or walking and yeah…it is addictive.

Woman giving birth produce a lot of that hormone during labour if im not mistaken and other hormones too that makes child birth rewarding and makes the bond between mother and child. ( Im kind of a dork or science freak growing up and still abit now )

Oh fun fact - Did you know sugar is more addictive than misused drugs cause it triggers the dopamine hormone ?

Anyways Have an Awesome weekend :slight_smile:


Hi @Shadowwolfhunter

That’s a good question and I thank you for bringing it up here to process your thoughts together! :blush:

Many martial artists and fight enthusiasts do indeed find sparring or fighting to be a unique and even relaxing experience in its own way, despite the intense physical and mental exertion involved.

Here’s why some people might find it relaxing and even addictive:

  • Stress Relief: Engaging in physical combat allows individuals to release built-up stress and tension. The surge of adrenaline during a fight is followed by a calming effect once the fight or sparring session is over. This can be a powerful stress-relief mechanism! :blush:

  • Endorphin Release: Like our friend said, physical activity, such as fighting, releases endorphins, which are natural mood-enhancers. This can create a sense of well-being and relaxation after the fight!

  • Sense of Accomplishment: Completing a sparring session or a fight, especially when it’s challenging, can provide a profound sense of accomplishment! This feeling of achievement can be rewarding and soothing to the self :blush:

  • Controlled Release of Energy: Martial arts and fighting provide a structured and controlled environment for releasing physical energy and aggression. This controlled outlet can be very satisfying, especially for a person with a lot of energy.

Last but not least, I personally think that people are naturally drawn to challenges, and fighting provides a continuous series of challenges. The desire to overcome obstacles and improve one’s skills can be addictive in itself :blush:

When you combine all of these factors and many other personal reasons, martial arts can become addictive for people! It’s actually not just martial arts, but many other hobbies can also become “addictive” for people.

What other fun and healthy activities do you do in life that has become “addictive” for you? :blush: