Movies or Series Reflection

I am an avid movie goer and love to reflect back on the messages that movies have to say.

Recently i watched Senior Year (2022)

And eventhough its a comedy young adult movie about a teen who went to coma for 20 years and is very hard up about winning Prom Queen. It conveys and talks about the issues of Popularity and fitting in or in this case standing out and just being who you are. Cause the right people will love you for who you are.

The main character was obsessed after seeing her idol who lead a seemingly " Perfect Life " ( White Picket fences and all ) but later bumped into her as she was an uber driver that got divorced before 30 and working 2 jobs to survived. However the silver lining is that she was taking night classes and doing a degree.
And advices the main character that winning Prom Queen and having the " Perfect live " wasnt all its meant to be.

What i take from this Movie , as fun as it was to watch, is that everybody ( No matter how perfect their lives seem to be ) have struggles in one form or another. I am guilty of " If i had that tittle or if my lifestyle was such " that i would "finally "be happy. The truth is, no matter how bleak or mundane your life is now, these are the good old times that you will reflect on later in life.

Oh ya, and that education is important too. But thats for another time.

Mano Esperaza ( Muhammad Nur )
Signing out.


Hi @ManoEsperanza

Thank you for sharing your reflection on the movie “Senior Year.” I can tell that you have a deep appreciation for the messages and lessons that movies can convey. Your interpretation of the film’s themes is insightful and meaningful, and I’m sure we all appreciate that! :slight_smile:

It’s a valuable realization that everyone, no matter how perfect their lives may seem, faces their own unique struggles. Comparing oneself to others and thinking that external achievements will lead to happiness is a common human experience. However, understanding that the present moment, with all its ups and downs, holds the potential for valuable experiences and memories is a powerful insight.

This reminds me of the quote: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” - Wendy Mass

I agree with you, education and personal growth are indeed important aspects of life that can lead to personal fulfillment and a deeper understanding of oneself! I believe that we will all find fulfilment when we continue to grow personally, and stretch ourselves to our full potential.

This actually reminds me of the movie, “The Pursuit of Happyness” (2006), starring Will Smith. It’s based on the true story of Chris Gardner, a struggling salesman who faces homelessness while pursuing a better life for himself and his young son. The film beautifully illustrates the resilience, determination, and personal growth that can arise from adversity and the pursuit of one’s dreams! :slight_smile: It’s super encouraging to watch, I highly recommend it!

What other movies have you watched that has inspired you to grow? :slight_smile:
Everyone, please feel free to chip in too!

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Hi @cottonsoul

Ive watched " The pursuit of Happyness "2006 too and i can relate to Will’s Character in the movie. However i have yet to reach a pinnacle of success as i am struggling to find my place in this world.

There is a clip that Robin Williams said about " What will your verse be in the Chorus of life " The movie is at the tip of my tongue but i just cant remember it. He said something like " Engineering etc are noble pursuits and important to sustain life but music, art, poetry…LOVE…is what we stay alive for "…Its about a classroom, full of boys that are learning from him.

Anyways, i had fantasied about making my book that’s on called
" The Flute underneath the Moonlight " ,into a Movie or even an animation and just like Sylvester Stallone I would like to act in it. I know its a long shot but the main Character Eduardo is actually a reflection of what ive gone thru and its actually me.

The Novela is about a musician from Peru who fell in love with a girl but she dies and he took her tibia bone ( Shin Bone of the leg - After she died ofcourse ) and made a flute out of it. He then wandered in to the forests and got hit by a passing car because he thought the light was her lover Elena. In the Asylum he met a nurse that is a Doppelganger of Elena…He thought he had bring her back to life. Well the rest you have to read it.

If anyone is interest i can pass the PDF thru email.


Thursday Throw Back…

" Mean Girls " 2004.

Just rewatched this again recently and I was actually in a friendship with someone like Regina George in the movie- Passive aggressive, Blunt, etc
Anyways, The take from the movie as entertaining as it is ,is that :

  1. In the pursuit of trying to find our place in the world, We might loose ourselves and become something else - or in this case something something that we hate.

2, Eventually when we embrace ourselves and not be afraid to be who we are -
The right people will come into our lives.

3, Backbiting, eventhough as common as it is, isnt healthy because we put ourselves in a position where other people occupy our minds. Personally ive done it too but minimising it and be as upfront as i can. In the event that i can’t i just let it slide and do something productive with my time like Watching More Movies and series, Play the guitar or like right now - Write.

  • @cottonsoul - Perhaps you could share with us some tips or techniques to address this common issue*
  1. Peer Pressure is real. No matter at what stage in life.
    I hope that it can be used for good, example when to better ourselves and surround with positive people ( Im not talking about " Positive Vibes Only " Kind of people but mature people that acknowledge when things are bad and allow you to express… Just like in this forum. And also Celebrate with you are doing well - That kind of genuine positive outlook in life where things maybe bad but there is something that can be learned from it and take away and that my mindset on how i will tackle the issues no matter what happens, that its not the end of the journey yet.

  2. Starting a trend - In the movie , one of the girl Grethchen, Was trying to start this trend by using the word " Fetch " a lot and horribly failed Lol. Its hard even when youre among the popular girls in school. She eventually joined the “Cool Asians” Clique. I guess its just like getting the ball rolling with a certain project or movement etc and not having the response that is desired.

I am not looking for popularity ( well atleast not anymore ) ,
Im just finding my outlets to express myself and be who i am.
It doesnt matter if few people reads my post but i just hope that those who read it - Gets some take or benefits them in life…

With that,
Im Mano Esperanza,
Have an awesome week and Weekend :slight_smile:

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“The boy the mole the fox and the horse” 2022

Is an short animated film based on a book and teaches good values to live by.
Among the thing that got me to watch this animated film is a short post i saw online. A guy was asked what was his advice for overthinkers and he quoted from the book that the boy was on the horse and there was a fog.

He said that he can’t see beyond a few paces away and he cant see his destination. The horse said that just to take the steps that you can see.
The take is that sometimes in life we are in a fog and we cant see beyond whats infront of us and not the goal. Its good advice for overthinkers to manage the now and not overthink about what is ahead that we cant see.

I really wished i had seen this film as a kid cause it teaches values that is essential for self confidence and adapting to adulthood. The boy was searching for a place called home but he learned in the end that its the people ( or in this case the animals ) is where home is.

For the fox, his nature is aggressive but even he has a soft side and said to the boy that he is enough. The Mole, the soft companion, timid as he is displays bravery when needed. And The horse, reminds me a part of me that shy away cause when he shows who he is the rest of the horses shun him.

In the end the boy learned that he is enough as he is. After having weathered storms and gone on a long journey, he found that he already have what he needs.

If i ever have kids in the future this is one animated film that i would want them to watch.

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