Rant about teacher shxt :)

I just want to rant, I feel bad for the kids that are dealing with various issues when having online classes
For context, I am a teacher that teaches musical instrument, the ukulele. I am part of the company that teaches instruments online in Malaysia, that the needs increases due to COVID pandemic. The job is quite good actually, I started as part time this January, and became full time teacher in March.
I am just more frustrated with the online teaching part. I have been dealing with issues such as the students can’t log in zoom meetings due to device and internet issues, and at times when my Zoom meetings go kookoo (cannot record class sessions due to insufficient disk space BS). The students’ mic problems are also my concern since I have to remind the parents that I can’t hear students playing the instruments properly. Under 1 hour class, I have to deal with so many issues at once, leaving me burnt out like roasted beef. :slight_smile:
There are some parents who just hardly care their children’s performance in classes, give me pek chek. I am just trying to do my job right :frowning: But I personally can understand the frustration for primary students getting in online classes. If I were their age and going to online classes, I also cannot focus at all, wanting to play my toys all the time. I also feel bad for the students who are dealing with the pandemic bullshit and shorter attention span due to the rapid environment change. I really missed the old days where Internet wasn’t as messy as it is now and children actually enjoyed their lives.

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I hear you @Monnie98, it must be really tough getting the students to focus in (virtual class) especially if they are young children below 10 years old.

With the pandemic getting better, are in-person classes resuming? If a big bulk of classes are still held online, might need to convince your company to invest in better IT equipment for you. :grimacing:

Yes, there have been in-person classes resuming, but for now mainly for KL/Johor areas. I am from Penang by the way. The schedulers and IT maintenance and teachers have been working like crazy since March, allocating students to offline classes and making sure everything goes well. I still have to attend to quite a number of online classes due to geographical and many other restrictions i guess. I feel bad for the children who actually trying their best in classes but still dealing with internet/device issues.