What is school

pretty recent update.
so i took two days of mc because i was so stressed about school work I fell sick and vomitted alot. Then comes the 2 days that I didn’t go to school and still have assignments to do up that was given on the days I missed. (For context I do media production so alot of video filming and editing - I honestly don’t even think I like what I am doing)
My stressed doubled because I was only informed of the assignments after the lesson ended and the due date was the next day in the afternoon. It wasnt an easy task and I honestly did so badly.
Can’t believe taking MC would be this stressful. I should have just went to school. There is like double the workload bcs in school its group work but if you are sick and missed the lesson, you have to do the group work on your own.
I feel paranoid asf because i missed an important group presentation. I just feel so disappointed.
I will never be okay.


That’s a really tight timeline. Is there anyway the lecturers can extend it for you given that you’re unwell? Is this assignment graded?