Scared of going back to work after sickness.

I was recently hospitalized for a week and on hospital leave for the past 3 weeks. Going back to work next week but am feeling scared or anxious about going back to work. Is this normal?


Hey @anonymous308 hope you have fully recovered :pray: I would say its normal to feel anxious especially after being away from work for so long which is a huge part of your life and also manging the expectations of others can be difficult thus causing some feelings of anxiousness:people_hugging:

But hmm what thoughts are running thru your mind when you are scared or anxious and are there any physical signs?

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Hey @anonymous308 I hope you are feeling better now.

It is definitely normal to feel anxious having to go back to doing something after not doing it for a while.

Personally earlier this year I was recently hospitalised as well and I was given a month’s hospitalisation leave and when I had to go back to work after my leave was over, it felt terrifying, during one of my shifts, I even had a panic attack.

My advice would be to take things slow, I got lucky that I’ve understanding supervisors, they lessened my workload because my stamina and health greatly declined after the hospitalisation so I’m not sure if it’s possible for you to have a chat with your supervisor or boss about your situation and whether they could also lessen your workload till you ease into the role again…

But do also practice self care, take regular breaks, rest and eat well… usually after work I like to destress and unwind by playing games so yeah definitely find something that suits you.

Take care


Hi @anonymous308

Thanks for sharing your concerns with us and I hope you know that your feelings are valid. Returning to work after almost a month can be a significant source of stress and anxiety; and it happens more common to people then you might know.

Sometimes being away from work can result in mixed feelings like guilty for having colleagues cover your duties, feeling alone as you are not journeying with your colleagues for some time, or even feeling inadequate for not being able to attend to your role.

I hope you are recovering well and physically ready to be back to work. Do be kind to yourself if you navigate through this transition and adjustment. Taking time to recover is important and please don’t feel too bad about it. If possible, pace yourself and speak with your supervisor about your concerns. Being open to share your struggles and limits can improve mutual understanding and support. Take care of yourself so you don’t fall ill again as your body might still be vulnerable.

Think about how you can celebrate small wins, knowing that each step you take is a progress. When you are able to embrace such mentality, you might find yourself being less harsh towards yourself and possibly more able to empower yourself too!

You may want to consider gathering your colleagues for lunch and hear from them how it has been for them. This could help you gain a better understanding about the work progress and possibly help you keep up, and also for them to know that you appreciate them for their support during your absence.

You may also consider talking to friends family members about your feelings to alleviate your anxiety or gain different perspectives. Otherwise, it can act as a form of emotional support when you share your struggles. Sometimes, having support from someone who is not working with you can be a helpful distraction from your stressors.

I hope this is helpful. All the best in your adjustment back to work. Take care!


Definitely normal, @anonymous308. Are you going to be working in the same role again?

Sometimes I go holiday for 1 week I also feel anxious just thinking about the gazillion emails waiting for me haha

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Thank you all for your advice.

I think the sense of guilt about my colleagues covering for me is eating me up and I do not know how to reply to my boss after this episode. In the first place I do not exactly know how to avoid being sick in the first place and I always feel very pressured when I return to work.

This is not my first rodeo being sick but definitely my first experience with near death so am really feeling unsettled and all.

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Hey its normal to feel this way, it’s cos you are a responsible person heh Also nobody knows how to avoid being sick entirely too sometimes things just happen and that’s okay its not something we can control so focus on what we can :muscle:

Also remember take things step by step what you are going thru now isnt easy but like you said this isn’t your first rodeo you are stronger than before! :+1:

Hello! It must have been tough having to be hospitalised and worrying about work at the same time. I hope you are feeling better now. It’s normal to feel anxious, having to be go back to work after 3 weeks of break. I hope you managed to get plenty of rest before you go back to work. I was unemployed for 2 months plus, and I will be back to work next week. Thinking about having to adjust to a new environment do make me feel anxious too. Feeling anxious could also help us to be more prepared back to work.
Having a team also means that we help cover for one another when someone is on leave, which is part of our entitlement. Health is always the most important as well!

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