School is heating up

Procrastinating because ur stressed from school THEN getting stressed because ur procrastinating. A NEVER ENDING CYCLE

Hi, friend. I know that procrastinating can be a big problem for students. One thing I can suggest is that you try to split your big chunk of project into parts and do them everyday. For example, you can limit yourself to not use social media unless you complete one task for each day. The task actually doesn’t have to be too big but you must do consistently. Only after finishing it, you can do the thing you like. That way, you won’t find the workload too stressing and also complete your project on time. I hope you can try different ways and choose a method that works well to cope with your stress. All the best.


Hi @Srileha, totally get what you mean! A downward spiral…it can be mentally exhausting.

Sharing a definition which I thought is quite suitable: A downward spiral is defined as a situation with a series of negative thoughts, emotions, and actions that continuously feeds back into itself, causing the situation to become progressively worse.

Definitely we can break the cycle and not let it auto run! But it requires courage and commitment to overcome it. You may need to find your motivation (internal/ external) to muster up the energy! And reframe your current situation. =)

Also dont wish to trivialise to just motivation to overcome your procrastination, but this is just 1 of the many ways!

There are many theories and thinkings behind motivation also. To not complicate things, explore alittle and see which resonates with you more =)

Here is one resource I thought could be useful:

Thank you friend. I’ll def try these out

Haha so true we’ve all been there

Thank you for the info. It was really useful. :slight_smile: