Since when did studying become stressful?

I don’t know but like when im studying espacially for PSLE it hits me hard I have other co-curricular activities that makes it harder for me to squeeze in my homework and its just painful like i dont even know how to describe it but… ya

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I can imagine how stressful it is for your first major exam. When does your CCA commitments stop? I remember usually schools stop CCAs before PSLE to give students more time to study.

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it stops in around May

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but i enjoy it kinda👍

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thanks anyway for that

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Hi Isaiah,

I believe it is a stressful crunch period for you. But nonetheless, I’ve been in your position before. What you need to do is plan your time table properly. To avoid stress, pace yourself. Know when you have reach your limits, else, whatever you are studying will not help. Take break in between and remember do not do last minute studies. I won’t help if you squeeze everything to the last minute.

All the best!



Yeah I’m sure your CCA is probably a good break from pure studying. What CCA do you do? Maybe you can still find ways to take occasional breaks while you study.

its like time is limited but there is a thousand and 1 things to do and it never seems to end right??? i think its really quite intense :confounded:
Up until psle is here hor, we will always feel like more practice can be done, and other things like CCA still may go on. if these things seem to take up all your time, i think one way to make sure you take care of yourself is to fix a certain time in your schedule to do one thing and one thing only: to rest your mind and body!! it can be 30 min or 1 hr per day before sleep, it can be 3 hrs on the weekend, but identifying a slot like this means you protect this time for yourself to unwind!! super important for anyone to have mental rests yeah!!
im sure you can overcome psle and do the best you can too!! :muscle: :smile: