This or That Quiz - Student Edition! 📚

Hey, awesome community! :star2:

Let’s shake things up and take a break from the daily grind of student life with a fun “This or That” quiz! :nerd_face::books: Whether you’re a school hustler or a college connoisseur, this quiz is designed to bring out the unique aspects of student life that we can all relate to.

Instructions: Simply choose your preference between two student life scenarios. Feel free to share your choices and discuss why you picked what you did. Let’s create a vibrant thread filled with laughs, shared experiences, and maybe a few “Oh my gosh, ME TOO!” moments.

  1. Late Nights or Early Mornings?
  • Are you burning the midnight oil to finish that assignment, or are you the early bird catching the worm?
  1. Coffee Shop Vibes or Library Hush?
  • Where’s your go-to study spot? The bustling coffee shop with background noise, or the silent sanctuary of the library?
  1. Notebook and Pen or Laptop and Clickity-Clack?
  • Are you old school with handwritten notes, or do you embrace the digital age with your trusty laptop?
  1. Solo Study Sessions or Group Study Grind?
  • Do you thrive in the solitude of solo study, or do you prefer the dynamic energy of a study group?
  1. Netflix Breaks or Power Through?
  • When you need a study break, are you hitting up Netflix for a quick episode, or are you powering through until the finish line?
  1. Weekend Warrior or Weekday Worker?
  • Are you getting most of your work done during the week, or are you the weekend warrior tackling assignments on Saturday and Sunday?
  1. Casual Classroom Dress or Dress to Impress?
  • Are you all about comfort in the classroom, or do you dress to impress your professors and peers?
  1. Exams: Cram or Consistent Study?
  • When exam week rolls around, are you the last-minute crammer or the consistent studier?

Feel free to add your own “This or That” scenarios and let’s make this quiz a blast! Share your choices and let the student life camaraderie shine. Remember, we’re all in this together! :muscle::smile: :books:

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#teamlatenights #nightowl

Hmm my room is my favourite place to study cause I’ve a study corner, it’s not very noisy but neither is it very loud

#teamelectronics #electronics though occasionally I actually write my own notes


I just do a quick stretch or 10 mins break, if I start of Netflix oh boy is that a slippery slope hahaha, 10 mins will become a few hours :laughing:

#teamweekday cause me working through the weekends most of the time

#teamdresstoimpress it’s more cause I like to wear smart casual/ formal wear, you’ll rarely see me in shorts

I wanna be #teamconsistent but you can bet I’m #teamcram though it’s getting better as I learnt to start preparing for exams earlier/ in advance

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