You are enough

i dunno who needs to hear this but i want you to know that you are enough.

you don’t have to be smarter.
you don’t have to work harder.
you don’t have to more popular.
you don’t have to be more sociable.
you don’t have to figure out the right way to navigate your life.

there is no right way or only way.
“fall down seven times, get up eight”.

we all have only one life, and each one of us is living it for the first time.

learn to accept yourself for who you are because you are enough.


I needed this :face_holding_back_tears: thanks @yunikon

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i love this so much :heart: this truly is such a good affirmation! right back at you yeah @yunikon, thank you for this!!

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This post is such a life saver! Came at the right point of time!:face_holding_back_tears:

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