Adapting to a new manager

My team is pretty small and we used to work under my big boss directly. However, she recently took on another sub-team and has less time to manage us. Hence, she hired a new mini boss some time in September to help manage our team.

Unfortunately, the new mini boss has a very different style of management and I have been struggling to adapt since. She is very detailed and asks A LOT of questions. She also seems to be fixated on the details and can’t move on unless everything is as perfect as she wants it to be. I’m starting to feel like I’m no longer empowered to come up with my own proposals and I’m questioning my own abilities. Especially since I could only present my mini boss’s ideas to the big boss, even if it clashes with mine. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Have you experienced difficulties adapting to a new management style? What are some of the things that you tried and helped?

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Have you spoken to your other team members about the new mini-boss? I find it helpful to get different perspectives - and if they think the same way as you, you know that you’re not alone.

Have you had any one-on-ones with her? Maybe it’ll be helpful to raise some of your concerns in a one-to-one setting and see what her views are. But if she doesn’t seem open to listening to you then it’s going to be tough to continue working with her.

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Yeah I did, fortunately my other team mate feels the same way and I know I’m not alone! But we could only rely on each other for support without actually knowing how to make the situation better. :melting_face:

And yes as well, the mini boss scheduled a 1-on-1 last Tuesday and I tried to raise 3 main concerns. But it went terribly, perhaps I was too honest… Her response were defensive and more about how I should be better at x, y, z instead of how she can make the environment more conducive for me to grow.