Am i having anxiety issue

I graduated from school few months back. Started to look for job and interviews start coming. Before interview, i will research about common questions asked and company background but whenever i try to practice, i start to have problem focusing it. The night before the interview, i start to have problem to fall alsleep, feel my heartbeat getting faster, nausea, i will go mind blank, stutter and dare not eye contact with interviewer during the interview. After first interview, i start to get phobia going for new interview and tend to back out last minute for the interview.

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hihi @user976 even as a student who is still in uni when I am sourcing for internships it really stresses me out I can only imagine how much more stressful it must be for you when you have graduated :frowning:

What kinda industry you are going for and what’s on your mind when you can’t focus ?

You are not alone in this okay ! Perhaps take a moment to pause and do something you like, before going for interviews again :people_hugging:

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Hi @user976

Thanks for sharing about your struggle with job interviews – I hear how anxiety-provoking the situation is for you and how it’s affecting you. The transition from school to the workforce is also a huge step and change of direction for many of us, and I want to let you know that what you’re going through and feeling is valid – it would be very overwhelming trying to figure out how to navigate the interview process… However, I wanna commend you for still taking the first step by applying for jobs and doing the research about the companies – that’s you putting the work and trying to rehearse despite the sensations you feel in your body and difficulties focusing. I wonder when you say that your mind goes blank and you look away from the interviewer, it feels like your fight or flight response was engaged, cause it wanted to protect you and ‘escape’ the situation due to the unpleasantness. All it wanted to do was to ‘survive’ this threatening situation, which is normal, but can be overestimated to the point where its benefit reduces opportunities for you to experience success in going through job interviews (among other fear-inducing situations). Right now, it’s making you very fearful and not going for the interviews – which should reduce the unpleasantness a bit but I’m guessing you’re worried that this can’t go on forever as you’ll just be caught in the cycle.

It sounds like the anxiousness is triggered with you trying to perform, getting your words and answer questions during the interview. I wonder if you’re able to kinda look deeper and do some investigating, like asking yourself, “where is this anxiousness coming from?”, “what else is my anxiousness trying to tell me?”. Maybe that might give you a clue and kinda inform you on what you can do about it?

In the meantime, you can try to manage some of your anxiousness with this mindfulness activity and try out practising your interview with someone you trust, kinda like a role-play but in a more controlled environment (you can choose a safe and calming place to practice). Perhaps you can get some open feedback too about your actual performance and make tweaks to increase your confidence. Also, it helps to take deep breaths when you notice your heartbeat getting faster (cause shallow breaths disrupts the balance of oxygen and sends out more stress hormones), to reduce the impact of the fight or flight response.

If it’s still too much and to the point that it puts a strain on your ability to concentrate and get things done, or your ability to take care of yourself, you may wish to consider seeking further professional assistance. Below are a list of resources that you can check out:

  • Samaritans of Singapore (1-767)
  • Family Service Centres
  • James Cook University Clinic
  • NIE Wellness Centre
  • NUS Clinical & Health Psychology Centre

I feel like you just want to do your best in this phase of your life so let us know how else we can support you. Looking forward to hearing from you then, take care! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, I find that role play helps me a lot to experience and prepare for different scenarios. Have you tried role-playing your interviews with anyone? Perhaps your partner, best friends or family members? @user976

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