April Weekly Challenge #2: Write a letter to your younger self! 💌

This week, try to spend some time to write a letter to your younger self. :girl:t2: :boy:t2:

Here are some tips:

  • Show kindness :dizzy: and compassion :heartbeat: to your younger self
  • Consider what you have experienced. What might you need to hear? :ear:t2:
  • Consider how your younger self has essentially shaped the current version of yourself :woman:t2: :man_curly_haired:t2:
  • Acknowledge and name significant emotions you have experienced :performing_arts:
  • Share lessons you have learnt, insights you have gained and advice you’ll like to give :ok_woman:t2:
  • Share with your younger self how proud you are of them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  • Keep this letter and revisit it in a few months or years! :love_letter:

:speech_balloon: How does it feel writing a letter to your younger self? What were some of the feelings that arised, and why?

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