Bipolar mental health

Do i have bipolar and or other mental health issues. Am i crazy or dumb

Hello @user966 hmm what happened that made you feel this way ?

Hi there @user966

Thanks for coming on and posting over here, you sound like you’re probably going through some distressing times. I wonder if you’re experiencing mood swings where you feel euphoric but also irritable and having depressed mood; I wonder if that’s what you’re referring to about bipolar. Do you feel like you’re grouchy or easily angered by things and/or people? These feelings and reactions you’re having, I wonder when did this start for you? Was it something recent or had it been on-going for awhile?

Whether that makes a person crazy or dumb – I would imagine your struggles would make it appear to be that way, which would be valid of your experiences! However, a person would be coping much more differently when they’re experiencing mood reactivity and it would be easier to see things from a darkened lens. This then affects the language we use to describe ourselves or our actions. Consider the possibility of “I made a dumb error” VS “I am dumb” – we’re just describing the action the person took, rather than the describing the person fully.

Now, I wonder if you’ve tried reaching out to others before coming on here too. I’m also curious if there were times where you felt like this in the past, but you’ve done things for yourself that helped you feel better? How do you feel when you do those things? Perhaps you can also consider some of these practices before it gets too distressing again:

Nonetheless, it is normal to feel overwhelmed if a situation is too distressing and we find ourselves struggling despite trying all that we can (where all your typical coping strategies have been exhausted and seeking social support is not working). It if becomes too debilitating to the point that it puts a strain on your relationships, your ability to concentrate and get things done, or your ability to take care of yourself, you may wish to consider seeking further professional assistance. Below are a list of resources that you can check out if you’d like to consider besides a referral from polyclinic:

  • Samaritans of Singapore (1-767)
  • Family Service Centres
  • James Cook University Clinic
  • NIE Wellness Centre
  • NUS Clinical & Health Psychology Centre

If nothing else, I feel like you have much more to share and I’m more than willing to listen when you’re ready. Looking forward to hearing from you. Till then, take care! :slightly_smiling_face: