bitter and resentful

I’m genuinely sick of people. They don’t even care at this point. I’ve been posting moody things on my status online yet barely anyone, worse, no one responds. I think this build-up has been going on in the background for years and what is happening now is like an explosion. If they can’t appreciate me then why do they say things like ‘oh, you deserve to live’ when their words sounds hollow and disingenuous? Just shut up will you? Stop regurgitating your little phrases. Just shut up already. You don’t truly care. I can’t be myself around you. Just disappear already.


Hi @okay

Thank you for sharing your frustrations with us, I hear you and it sounds like you’re feeling very frustrated and disillusioned with the people around you, and that’s completely understandable. Feeling unheard or dismissed can be very isolating and hurtful, especially when you’re reaching out for support or understanding.

It’s natural to crave genuine connection and validation from others, especially during difficult times. When those expectations aren’t met, it can amplify our feelings of anger and resentment and hence I feel that it’s important to recognize that everyone responds to distress differently, and sometimes people may not know how to respond appropriately, even if they care about you deeply.

I hope that you will try to find healthy ways to express and cope with your emotions because this can be empowering. Whether it’s through journaling, creative outlets, or physical activity or any hobbies, finding ways to channel your frustrations constructively can help you regain a sense of control and clarity.

I also want to encourage you to speak to a professional counsellor about your frustration, as they can help you to process the underlying thoughts and feelings that you have and learn coping strategies to help you manage them.

Remember, your feelings are valid, and you are important. Please let us know how you’re coping and if you’ve managed to reach out to anyone for emotional support? Hear from you soon.

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have you cared for someone and felt unappreciated because they don’t return the affection?

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I dunno. I always forget other people’s reactions. But I don’t think I feel affectionation from most people even if they’re outwardly loving. I guess I feel bitter because I never get to be myself around others

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How would you describe what your true self is?

I dont know. I really don’t know. I haven’t figured it out yet.

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Hi @okay

Speaking from personal experience, I think it’s completely ok to not know who you want to be or what your authentic self looks like because our perception of ourselves, the people around us, our environment, our likes and dislikes are always changing and evolving.

Probably some prompts to help you figure things out is

  1. What are your current values in life
  2. What would you say are your personal strengths and weaknesses
  3. What motivates and matters to you
  4. What are your likes and dislikes

Additionally, it can be helpful to see a professional to help provide guidance in discovering yourself.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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