"Elmo is just checking in"

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to share something that I recently saw in the news, and I want to say that I absolutely love the idea behind it.

So recently, Elmo (from Sesame Street) has gone viral (not that he wasn’t already) for “checking in” with people all over the internet - you can read more here.

It has gotten some flak from some people, but personally I love the idea that a simple “How are you doing?” or “Just checking in” can help others to feel connected. It brings connection, it shows empathy, and it definitely lets others know that you care.

I wonder how things might look like if we carried on this “Just checking in” habit with the people around us. Would we be able to live in a society with care and empathy as the foundation of our relationships?

I hope you’ll think about these questions today:

  1. Who is someone that I can “check in” with today?
  2. What else can I do to show someone else that I care?

Looking forward to see your responses!

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Hi @cottonsoul

I do check in with some friends that i know over the years.
For me im doing okay i think.
There is food, Im hitting the gym again. Doing my detox from social media for a bit. I am Aspiring to record 5 album worth of songs- God Willing. And I have already done enough i think and i am enough.

Just going thru the days now finding things to do to get rid of boredom mostly.
Hope you have been well too and that you are taking much needed breaks and taking good care of you.

OKay then. Have a great week


I think just asking “how are you doing” - which can get superficial responses like “oh I’m good”

Maybe a better way to do it is to ask more specific questions like “what’s on your mind right now?” and remain silent to give space for the other person to think and respond.

I also like to follow up with “what else?” to elicit deeper responses. If you ask enough “what else?”, you’ll get to the deep underlying issues that a person is facing.