Health coverage for loved one with mental health condition.

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I have someone close to me who is suffering from mental health condition. She was rejected from life and health insurance with the two insurers which she has approached.

Any idea what insurers have policies catering to people with mental health conditions or what would the options be other than self-insuring ?

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Hi @Otterworldly !

Thank you for your question. I’m sorry to hear that your friend/family member was rejected from life/health insurance because she has a mental health condition.

I can share a few that I found, but it would be great if you can approach these insurers directly for more clarity about the policies:

  1. AIA Beyond Critical Care : AIA Beyond Critical Care | Critical Illness Insurance Plans | AIA Singapore

  2. Mercer and Singlife’s Mental Wellness Plan :

  3. The GREAT CareShield plan : Personal Health Insurance Plans Singapore - Get A Quote

  4. Income’s Star Secure Pro : Star Secure Pro | Income Insurance

I believe you would be able to receive more information from the insurers themselves, and I highly encourage you to speak to them directly.

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A recent Parliamentary Question covered this topic too. In my experience, once you get rejected by one insurer, it’s often hard to get insured by another insurer because insurers often ask whether you have been rejected before.

Not sure how previous rejections influence insurability but the fact that they ask it suggests that they take previous rejections into consideration.

On a side note, all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents are also covered under MediShield Life (MSHL), regardless of pre-existing conditions, including mental health conditions. MSHL is sized to cover 9 in 10 bills in the subsidised wards of public healthcare institutions. (taken from the Parliamentary Question above)

Other options include going for Group Life Insurance that require no underwriting (eg company insurance or Aviva-Singlife if your friend or their spouse has gone through NS). For Aviva-Singlife, I think there’s a certain quantum (iirc up to $250k) that doesn’t require any underwriting.

For Health Insurance I think it’ll be a lot harder. I’ve heard of certain international medical plans that require no underwriting or Moratorium underwriting - go google this. Need to do a bit more research and speak to an insurance agent that you can trust. Many insurance agents don’t really know how to handle unique cases like this and end up just selling you the standard plans which will get rejected in the end, wasting everyone‘s time. Haha

Hope this helps!

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