Someone close experienced feeling of being lost and had days of feeling suicidal

My partner faced many family ssues for a prolonged period, range from financial difficulties to losing two immediate family members.

She has been feeling mixture of negative feelings. Feeling lost, no purpose in life, no motivation or interest in things, losing appetite, the mind feels empty, suicidal thoughts amongst others.

Sometimes she could snap out of the feeling, sometimes I could help her out of it by listening to her and distract or provide something to get her interested. But her conditions have been recurring. I am trying to get counselling help for her, short of making appointments with expensive private clinic, which would further aggravate financial situation.

I am not sure what and how else to help her, as this prolong it is getting to me to because I couldn’t understand the root cause or provide solutions.

May I know are there government services I can seek for her?


Hi @Imestherc

Thank you for sharing your struggles, I’m truly sorry to hear that both you and your partner are going through such a difficult time. I can see that you care deeply for her well-being. I recognize the impact that prolonged family issues can have on a person’s mental health.

In terms of seeking support, there are often government services and community resources available to assist with mental health concerns. Here are some helpful ones you can reach out to immediately:

If she is in crisis or danger:

If she needs to speak to someone for emotional support:

  • Speak to a counsellor from a nearby Family Service Centre
  • Check out which social service provider is near to her place: SupportGoWhere
  • TOUCHline (Counselling) – 1800 377 2252

You could also read this article to find out more about the affordable mental health care agencies in Singapore.

Please encourage your partner to speak with a mental health professional which can make a huge difference, and it’s a positive step towards finding effective coping strategies.

Remember, you’re not alone in this, and seeking support is a commendable effort. Please let us know what she’s decided to do. Please also keep us updated. Hear from you soon.