asking for a friend

so my friend told me how she has been feeling, i don’t know if this is an accurate representation of what she said but i’ll try to describe it the best i can. she describes her life as having become like a vicious cycle. there have been some better and worse periods throughout the years, but she feels herself growing increasingly emotionally distanced and numb. she often feels there’s no meaning in life and distances herself from people. often, she lets her negative thoughts consume her and it really affects the wellbeing of family and the people around her. they have mentioned to her many times and offered her help, and she feels bad for making them feel concerned, but still cannot improve her emotional state. slowly, the negative thoughts build up again, she’s still unable to cope and continues with self-sabotaging behaviours that continue to affect the people around her.

what can she do about it?


Hi @anonymous07

I’m really glad you reached out and shared your friend’s feelings and struggles with us here. It sounds like your friend is going through a very challenging and painful experience. I would like to encourage you both that I’m here to provide support and guidance, and your friend’s feelings are very valid.

I would like to share some suggestions that in the meantime your friend can consider:

  1. Reach Out for Professional Help: Please encourage your friend to connect with a mental health professional, such as a therapist or psychiatrist. They can provide a more in-depth assessment and offer appropriate treatment options, such as therapy, which can help your friend to cope better.
    If your friend feels that it is difficult to seek support from a mental health professional face-to-face, please encourage your friend to try these online options for a start:
  1. Self-Care: Please also encourage your friend to practice self-care, such as getting enough rest, eating well, and engaging in activities they enjoy. Even small steps towards self-care can make a difference. If your friend is willing, please send these links and ask your friend to try these activities out:
  1. Explore Interests: Encourage your friend to explore new interests and hobbies; it can be activities such as running or rock climbing, or simple ones like cooking. Engaging in activities they are passionate about can help bring a sense of meaning and purpose back into their life.

  2. Crisis Helplines: Make sure your friend is aware of crisis helplines and hotlines they can call if they ever feel overwhelmed. Please do send your friend these numbers to take note of just in case of emergency or crisis:

Lastly, I affirm your patience and support as your friend works through these challenges. Please do encourage your friend to seek professional help as it is a crucial step, and I hope they find the guidance and assistance they need to improve their emotional well-being.
Please let us know how your friend is doing, keep us updated here.