Am i okay?

Hi, For the past month I have noticed myself having issues with myself. I used to be a happier version of myself where i enjoy going to school, i enjoy going to the gym, i enjoy going out alone and just chill and shop by myself and i also love to socialize around. But recently ive noticed a big change in myself where i kept getting negative thoughts almost everyday and I have not been going to the gym. Everytime i am free i spent my day doing nothing and i cry most of the time for no complete reason.

I get disturbing thoughts and I cant seem to forgive myself for it. I have been feeling like the lowest state for a month.

This has been a challenge for me. I am not excited of things anymore even though there are great things happening for me in the next few months. I also tend to want to be alone instead of socializing.

Before i get all these negative and disturbing thoughts, I was trying to go on dates. And it all did not worked out so i was wondering if this has to do with my past dating. But i have no feelings towards it.

Is there a way to stop thinking negatively and stop overthinking too much. I am going insane


Disturbing thoughts, when you know those have never been your thoughts, what do you do?


Hi @celine

Thank you for taking the time to share with us on this platform about your feelings and thoughts, and I’m truly sorry to hear that you’ve been going through such a challenging time. It takes courage to open up about these feelings, and I’m here to support you.

I want to affirm your efforts of wanting to work on yourself, and that you’ve recognized these changes in yourself. It’s actually quite common to have thoughts about ourselves, wondering if we are ‘okay’ or not. I’m also wondering, if there was a specific event or situation that you think might have triggered these negative thoughts and emotions, or has it felt like a gradual change over time? (i.e. from the state of enjoying things to the sudden “big change” where you get negative thoughts and cry)

Have you considered reaching out to friends, family, or a professional to talk about what you’re going through? Sharing your feelings with someone you trust can be a helpful first step. I can imagine it might feel challenging to reach out to a professional, but there are some amazing online options that might feel less intimidating, I would encourage you to give them a try :slight_smile:

Online chat options:

  1. Limitless : Talk To Someone - Limitless
  2. CPH chat :
  3. IMH CHAT :
  4. :

In the meantime, you could also try incorporating self-care activities into your daily routine, such as relaxation exercises, mindfulness, or engaging in hobbies that used to bring you joy. Sometimes, taking small steps towards self-compassion and self-care can make a significant difference. When you try out these activities, initially there might be a lot of ‘pushback’ - you’ll feel bored, tired or lack motivation but eventually when you keep on going, you’ll find your groove again and perhaps find your community too.

I would also like to suggest a few helpful resources which you may benefit from, especially when those negative challenging thoughts come to your mind:

Last but not least, I highly encourage you to speak to a mental health professional - they can provide you with a safe space to process your thoughts further, and you don’t have to go through this alone, and there is hope for improvement.

Please do keep us updated on how you’re coping and what you’ve decided to do - we’d like to continue to support you here on this platform.

Take care and hear from you soon!

Although I am still in school, I am not sure whether I should ask my parents or my teachers to take a look and see what is wrong with me.

I have overwhelming thoughts that take over, usually of all the embarrassing things I did. For example, my mind could get taken over by a small matter like me spilling juice all over the dining table. I don’t understand what could be wrong with me. My friends say I have mild autism or OCD or maybe both…

Whenever I have intrusive thoughts, I start doing embarrassing things like asking my friends the weirdest questions like “hey, why are chimpanzees called chimpanzees?” And my friends would look at me like they are wondering whether something is wrong.

I also feel addicted to something… pulling my lashes out. It has been already going on for more than 3 years. I don’t know, is it because of stress? Well, at first it was but now i have no idea. Only my younger sister knows about this, everyone else just thinks I pluck them out for fun, but that could be true, I don’t know anymore.

My friends say I should see a psychologist to get help, I made up an excuse that my parents would be scared that it will cost us money, but deep down, I think it is because I am too afraid to speak out…

I wonder whether there is a way to stop all this, it even causes me to loose interest in things I used to love like origami and online games, or is it the result of me growing up?

Hi,im here just to ask is it okay not having a therapy after attempting to do a suicide for more than one time?

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not a doctor.

therapy is for everyone. we all have issues. whether we want to work on it or not is a different matter. therapy helps you explore those issues.

suicide. attempt.

thats an issueyou need to explore. why? coz youve done it over and over again. the very definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting different results.

dont read this wrong. im not asking you to succeed in your attempts. im merely asking you to explore why the attempts are occuring.

i have had attempts myself. even now, contemplating it. but ask yourself this, are you so sure that whatever lies beyond is gonna be easier? why not answer those questions now when its easier and you have some sense of control.

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i wonder if perhaps meditation might be helpful?

i read that it’s supposed to help teach our brain to resist impulses and to learn to tolerate and accept pain.

the only way to avoid pain is to deny ourselves the possibility of being happy.

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I think it depends on whether you are coping or not. Not everyone is ready to open up for therapy, some need more time. But if you start to think that you cannot cope already then it’s best to seek professional help immediately.