How do I get over artist block?

For the past few months, I haven’t been drawing at all. I have been avoiding my sketchbook because I am deeply dissatisfied with my work. However, I want to draw because I always love expressing myself through art. How do I get over this artist block? How do I stop being afraid of artist mistakes?


Good evening, having an artist block is perfectly normal :). I’m not an artist myself. I barely even draw. But I think art is so unique because there is no right or wrong. That is always why you loved it in the first place, right?
Cause it allowed you to freely express your feelings.
Just take it slow, no rush. Everything will be just fine. I believe in you. :heart:

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Hello! as someone who is a creative myself, i relate to this so so much! artist blocks happen to be all the time, and here are some ways i realise help me a lot in the process:

1. Trust the process- really!
it doesnt matter whether u make mistakes or not, art is a creative process, and sometimes u need to really trial and error before u find an idea/ medium/ method/ style you like. just trust the unknown, and this tends to work for me!

2. Free-writing/ free-brainstorming/ free- ideating
I just write anything and everything i want, with no inhibitions, in my sketchbook and see what comes out of it. by writing things down, i tend to be better able to make random, but unique connections across different ideas, and come across a concept that I have never, but want to explore!

3. Exercise/ take a walk

  • as a break
  • maybe you can find some inspiration from the people you see on the streets!

4. get inspiration from other artists

  • your classmates, instagram, digital artists, exhibitions, galleries, videos, movies, the possibilities r endless!

5. Keep an idea bank
I have a list of concepts, ideas that i want to explore for my next art project stored in my notes app! everytime i come across an idea/ anything that makes me think, i just write it there so i can review it and see how i can expand on the concept the next time i have an artist block.

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Hi, your concern about having artist block may be something that many others are experiencing as well and this is completely valid!

Just here to share some thoughts I had while reading your post: I think sometimes being in a country like ours, where there’s a lot of focus on achievements, may result in us evaluating ourselves when it comes to our hobbies as well. I think it’s good that you hope to find ways to address your concern because it suggests to me that you still have great love for art, and are willing to find a way to keep that passion burning :smiling_face:

I have experienced something similar for my hobbies in the past, and what helped for me was to recall why I found a purpose and passion in my hobbies in the first place! For example, this could be in terms of what inspired you to express yourself through art: What do you enjoy about it? How has this hobby made your life / experiences better?

This has helped me in re-finding my direction and reminding me that as a hobby, I don’t necessarily have to achieve anything, or determine it as right or wrong, in the process :slight_smile: I hope you’ll be able to find the best way for you to overcome your artist block, and I wish you all the best in this discovery journey!

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hi blue! it’s perfectly normal to have artist’s block! (sometimes i feel that i spend more time having artist’s block than actually doing art :face_exhaling:)

for myself, i have 2 sketchbooks, 1 is my main sketchbook and the other one is my “rubbish” sketchbook. whenever i want to try something new, i use the “rubbish” sketchbook 'cause i find it less pressurizing. like even if i make a mistake in the “rubbish” sketchbook, i tell myself that it’s not meant to be good anyway :sweat_smile:

not sure if this method will help you to become less afraid of making mistakes, but i really think it’s worth a try :slight_smile: