How do I tackle problems?

Hey everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope y’all doing well! Today I wanna talk a bit about handling issues and solving problems! Sometimes it’s difficult to avoid or change the negative and unpleasant emotions experienced in a situation so we try to change the situation or its consequences instead. :thinking:

What we can do perhaps is to:

  • ask ourselves whether we actually need to solve the problem right now, and use the additional time to better approach the problem.

  • ask ourselves what insight(s) would make the problem easier to solve (e.g., “I would be able to solve this problem if only I knew…”). Once the gaps in knowledge or skills had been identified, brainstorm ways to find reliable answers.

  • look for ways to eliminate the system the problem belongs to because our brain tends to overlook these ‘subtractive solutions’ and instead tunnel vision on what might be added to work on the problem. Try to be more minimalist instead of going for solutions that naturally adds more elements (although cognitively this requires less effort) – balance bikes instead of bicycles with training wheels when a child learns how to cycle; reducing traffic lights and pedestrian road signs that improves traffic safety, instead of conventional road traffic design; etc.

  • look for ways to shrink the problem. The difference between a big and a small problem is the amount of risk we are exposed to. So, if we cannot fix the cause, we can try to reduce the effects.

  • delegate the problem to someone else if possible, and apply their approach the next time we are faced with a similar problem.

What do y’all think? Looking forward to hearing more from y’all and do share any questions you have about solving problems! :wave:t2: