i can't seem to be vulnerable?

i’ve always had issues with romantic partners i think? there are times where i find myself completely trusting of the people i liked but with others, i was so afraid to let them in. it’s kind of the same issue now because i really really like this guy and i had a crush on him first but now i’m so scared to allow myself to believe that he actually likes me or to trust him/myself (idk which anymore) to stay with me and not hurt me. it’s really unfair to him and i just want to figure out what’s up with me so i can work on myself before i pass the 3 month mark…

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Are y’all already together in a relationship? I think trust takes time to build. You probably like him enough to have that minimal trust to get closer but to completely trust someone…? I think that’ll take time.

I also have trust issues myself and it took me a long time to trust my partner completely. Maybe you can try to think about how much you trust him now and what you can trust him with. See if he continues to earn that trust, it’ll take time and you’ll probably recalibrate along the way too. Every relationship is a journey to learn more about yourself (and your partner)

Hey @plvto thank you for sharing :slight_smile: I agree with @Jaws it does take time and communication to build a trusting relationship.

Have you thought about talking about this with your partner ?

Its not easy bringing up these topics so I think find a space to organise your thoughts first then sit down somewhere comfortable to talk about this :slight_smile:

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