I Do Not Feel Regretful Of My Past Anymore But I Still Feel Lost In Life

Hi I am writing this 10 minutes away from 2024, it is going to be the new year soon, there’s a lot that has happened in 2023 and the past years, lost hopes and opportunities left unexplored because I am a coward but I’ve also experiences the small joys in life these past years and 2023 was also where I found this app/website. It has help me a lot, that I’ve finally let go of my past, yes sometimes it still hurts but the pain feel subtle almost as if my past was a blurry dream, even though I had now let go of my past, I am indeed still lost in life, I still don’t know what to do with life but I’m sure there’ll be something for me to do but I hope 2024 will be good to us all. And with that, may 2024 be the year where our burdens that were placed on our shoulders be less heavy, that our winter will finally give way to spring.

Happy New Year.


Hi @Wira

Thank you for sharing your reflections on the past year and your hopes for the upcoming one. I can see that you’ve gone through a journey of self-discovery and growth :slight_smile: Letting go of the past, even if the pain still lingers at times, is a wonderful and courageous step towards creating a brighter future.

Life can indeed be uncertain, and finding our path is often a gradual process. I’m glad to hear that you’re also embracing the small joys and appreciating the positive impact of tools like this app/website on your well-being journey! We are thankful that you’ve been encouraged.

As you step into 2024, may it bring you clarity, opportunities for growth, and the strength to face any challenges that may come your way. May you find purpose and fulfillment in the new year, and may the burdens you carry become lighter with each step forward.

Last but not least, I might be a tiny bit late but here’s to wishing you a year filled with hope, resilience, and moments of joy. Happy New Year!

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