i need help dealing with trichotillomania

Hello! would really appreciate a professional to help me deal with this problem that i have been facing with for many years… would really appreciate if i could receive some info from professionals/ people who have successfully dealt with this issue
on where i could seek treatment or the most effective way to overcome this problem… :pray:t2:

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Hello @uworm :wave:t2:

Thank for coming on and sharing about your struggles with hair-pulling. It must be very distressing to struggle with the uncontrollable urge to pull and trying your best to stop, and then I imagine getting really stressed over the effects… :pensive:

You shared that this had been going on for some time - do you notice any patterns or situations where it seems to happen more than usual? I wonder if it’s associated with any particular stressor(s)? I’m curious to hear how you’re currently coping - have you spoken to someone about this before? Having an outlet to vent your distress will likely be helpful so that it doesn’t get bottled up to the point of overwhelming you. In the meantime, I hope you’re able to express your emotions in a helpful manner, being kind to yourself, and shifting (to a more helpful) perspective.

As trichotillomania falls under the broad umbrella of obsessive-compulsive and related disorders due to the repetitive behaviours you (compulsively) need to do, I wonder if you’ve seen anyone about this too as trichotillomania treatment is usually provided in a healthcare setting by psychiatrists or mental health professionals, involving working through some of your unhelpful beliefs that sustain this behaviour and/or learning skills to reverse this habit (potentially replacing with something more helpful). There might be instances also where medication might be considered to manage your mood (e.g., overly anxious, depressed mood, etc.) to help with implementing the new skills. Perhaps a referral from polyclinic could be something to consider, or support from professional services by engaging with Family Service Centres.

I wanna commend you again for reaching out and sharing with us more about your condition so that we can see how else we can support you. Remember that you deserve and can get the necessary support you need. Until then, take care! :slightly_smiling_face: