I think there is something wrong, but I don’t know

You see, my life is pretty average and normal. I don’t get why i feel like i shouldn’t exist, like i should live another life or something, i feel like i want something unreal to happen. I’m confused, i can’t even phrase how i feel.
I feel sad, but not. I feel like flying, but not. I feel like i want to pass on to another life or something. Its confusing me, its complicated, its affecting how i think everyday.

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So, i keep having a nostalgic feeling. I don’t particularly have any memories that will bring nostalgia or something. Like its nostalgic when i look at scenerys, places and videos. Things that never personally happened to ke before, i get this feeling that i meed to be there and not here, exist there and not here.
Gosh, emotions are so complicated.


Hi @1outof7billion

Thank you for sharing with us what you’re currently experiencing. It sounds like you’re experiencing a powerful and complex emotional response, and it’s completely okay to feel that way. Nostalgia can be triggered by various stimuli, not just personal memories :slight_smile: Sometimes, it’s the aesthetic or the atmosphere of certain places, sceneries, or even videos that can evoke a sense of familiarity or longing.

Emotions are indeed intricate and complex, and the way we connect with the world around us can be quite deep and profound. To help process these nostalgic feelings, you might consider reflecting on the following questions:

  1. What specific elements or aspects of the sceneries, places, or videos trigger this nostalgic feeling for you? Is it the visuals, the atmosphere, or something else that resonates with you emotionally?
  2. How do you think these nostalgic feelings connect to your current experiences or desires? Are there any unfulfilled aspects in your life that these emotions might be highlighting or reminding you of?

Sometimes, nostalgia can serve as a reminder of our desires, aspirations, or unfulfilled experiences. It’s okay to acknowledge and explore these feelings without judgment. If you find it difficult to process these emotions on your own, you can also try discussing them with a friend, family member, or a mental health professional who could provide additional insights and support for you :slight_smile:

Remember, emotions are a natural part of the human experience, and your feelings are valid! It’s okay to take the time to understand and process them at your own pace. Do share with us your thoughts and reflections about these, and let us know how else we can support you.

Hear from you soon.

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