I've Thought I Moved On From My Past

I thought I had moved on from a certain part of my past and its inhabitants but some days and some nights my heart aches and longs terribly for parts of my past that can never come back so much that its hard for me to breathe, to the point I just can’t help but to cry and mourn over them as if they were a living breathing thing that died. Even smelling in passing of a certain smell of that past of mine for a split second, has left me in tears as nostalgia smack into me unapologetically leaving me breathless while standing still immobile with memories of that distant past.

So tell me am I normal or am I just someone who can’t never move on from my past and its ghosts of inhabitants?


Hi @Wira

Thank you for sharing your pain and struggles with us here, I want to acknowledge the depth of what you’re sharing, and I can see that you’re experiencing a profound emotional connection to your past. It takes a great deal of courage to explore these feelings, and I appreciate your vulnerability in expressing them. It’s very common for memories and emotions from the past to resurface in such powerful ways, and the impact can indeed feel very real, like a tangible loss.

Grief and nostalgia are intricate aspects of the human experience (which we all experience at some point in our lives), and they can be particularly painful when associated with a past that holds significant meaning for you. The ache in your heart, the longing, and the tears are all valid expressions of the complex emotions you’re experiencing. Sometimes, moving on doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting or severing ties with the past; rather, it’s about finding a way to integrate those experiences into your present self.

Your reactions to certain smells and the intensity of the emotions you’re feeling are not uncommon. Each person’s journey is unique, and the process of healing and moving forward is different for everyone. It might be helpful for you to explore these feelings further, perhaps with the support of loved ones or a professional who help you process these feelings in a safe and nonjudgmental place. We all grieve differently, and that is normal.

I want to encourage you, your experiences are valid, and it’s okay to feel the way you do. It doesn’t make you abnormal; it makes you human. If you ever feel the need for additional support or guidance, I encourage you to seek it out through the nearest Family Service Centre by talking to a professional, or have a try with any of these online options:

Last but not least, we are here to continue to support you. Let us know how you’re doing and coping please, hope to hear from you soon.

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