Im ok but at the same time no

Is it normal that I have moved on from the incident, but I have yet to move on from the emotions?
I have moved on from an incident how 2 of my once closed friends are no longer friends to me. I felt betrayed from their actions. It’s been more than 4 months ish? From the bottom of my heart, I already moved on but whenever I think about the feeling of betrayal, I cant seem to let go and move on that part of me.
We didn’t seek closure, because I escaped from speaking abt the incident. I dont see a point of seeking closure. I dont want to go through that pain of remembering the incident.
I kinda need advice on what on earth should I do

Hello @userflewaway I can understand what you are going through. I had 2 close friends whom I felt betrayed my trust as well and it took me many years to overcome the feelings of sadness. I did seek closure at some point in my journey (some years after). I spoke with one of them and had a better picture of what happened. It was painful but it did help with acceptance. If there is any advice I can give, it will be to give yourself time and to be kind to yourself. Time heals and our views on situations do change with maturity and life experience. I recommend practising mindfulness meditation as one way of gaining a better understanding and acceptance of what you are feeling. Remember that you are loved by many people around you and you are stronger as a result of these life experiences!