Idk kinda need some advice

Hiii so uh lately ive been seeing these topics about “autism” or “Aspergers” and stuff and idk if i really have it
In school, some of my friends would ask me if i have it and ofc ill be confused af. So ive been researching about these things.
I dont think i have it but even my cousin suspected me of having it :cry:
She complained about stuff that i always seem to space out alot and fidget with my hands + seem to be out of it when im in crowded places And im very awkward and a little too blunt with my words that i come off as rude. She said that i lacked empathy and barely showed any expressions. Also complained how i “stimmed??” Alot and thar i have trouble understanding body language even though i thought i could :frowning:
Are these symptoms of autism, or aspergers?? If yes then should i get it checked or just let it be ?


Hey @DoDo_3

It’s great that you’re exploring and seeking to understand your experiences better! It’s normal to feel like this can be confusing and even a bit overwhelming when you encounter terms like “autism” or “Asperger’s” and start recognizing similarities in your own behaviors or experiences.

The funny thing is, it’s actually very common for friends or family members to observe certain behaviors and, with the best intentions, suggest or inquire about conditions like autism or Asperger’s. Some of the behaviors you mentioned—like spacing out, fidgeting, feeling uncomfortable in crowded places, being straightforward in communication, or having trouble understanding body language—are indeed associated with traits found in autism or Asperger’s.

However, it’s very important to recognize that these behaviors alone don’t necessarily indicate a diagnosis. Many people exhibit these traits without having autism or Asperger’s. Each person is unique, and these characteristics can vary widely among individuals.

If you’re feeling unsure or if these behaviors are affecting your daily life or causing distress, it might be helpful to consider seeking professional guidance. Consulting with a mental health professional or a specialist in neurodevelopmental conditions can provide you with clarity. They can evaluate your experiences and behaviors more comprehensively to determine whether these align with any particular condition too.

Remember, understanding more about yourself and seeking guidance doesn’t necessarily mean that something is ‘wrong’ with you. It’s about gaining a deeper understanding of your unique characteristics and how to navigate the world in a way that’s most comfortable and fulfilling for you :slight_smile:

If you decide to seek an evaluation, it might offer insight and strategies that can help you better understand yourself and manage any challenges you might face. Whatever you choose, your experiences and feelings are valid, and taking steps to explore them is a positive move toward better understanding yourself.

Do keep us updated about what your thoughts are!

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