I'm confused about myself.

I have anxeity so its kind of hard to talk to people. But im just so hyperactive and happy all the time when im with people. I can just talk to them and strangers, so im just kinda confused.

While at home i just lose all of my energy, like i just want to sleep. At night when i actually go to sleep i cant, so im just in bed thinking about life.

Or if something happened and i become sad, im able to just laugh as if im fine when im meeting someone.
(I did cry but i usually would be in the mood all day, later i met my friend to study and i didnt tell her what happen. And im suddenly happy and cheerful, able to just randomly talk ■■■■.)

By the way it started like this year when school started. So like almost a week.

This all happened in this week.

I have social anxiety so im not the best at communication and you know facing new people.

But its like im on cloud nine im so happy in school, able to talk with my new classmates and teachers plus being a chatterbox. Oh and motivated to study.

Im sec 3 this year.

Yet when i go home this happy like feeling just disappear and i instantly lose all of my energy. My legs give in and i just feel sad and tired.

I just want to know what on earth is happening because its taking a toil on my energy and just overwhelming.

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Hi @C.c.l

Thank you for sharing with us your feelings and struggles, and I’m really sorry to hear that you’re going through a difficult time. It’s common for people to experience different emotions in various settings, such as feeling energetic and happy around others but then losing energy and struggling with sleep when alone. This could be a manifestation of anxiety or other underlying issues.

It sounds like you’re experiencing a very clear contrast in your emotions between being at school and being at home. This shift in mood can be difficult to process, and it’s understandable that it’s taking a toll on your energy and well-being.

I would like to offer some possible insights for this situation:

  1. Social Anxiety and Coping Mechanisms: It’s very normal for people with social anxiety to feel more comfortable in structured environments like school. The presence of routines, familiar faces, and clear expectations can contribute to a sense of security. On the other hand, the change in environment and the absence of those factors at home might trigger feelings of fatigue and sadness.

  2. Emotional Exhaustion: Constantly maintaining a positive and energetic demeanor, especially if it’s not your natural state, can be emotionally exhausting! It’s possible that when you return home, your body and mind are trying to recover from the exertion of managing social interactions throughout the day, hence the low energy.

  3. Routine and Transition: The transition from one environment to another can be emotionally taxing. At school, you might be occupied with activities and people, but returning home may trigger a sense of loneliness or solitude. Establishing a comforting routine at home might help with this transition :slight_smile:

  4. Potential Stressors: Reflect on any specific stressors or concerns that you may be facing at home, as these could contribute to the shift in mood. It could be helpful to identify and address any underlying issues causing you distress too.

Considering the complexity of emotions, it may be helpful to speak with a mental health professional, such as a school counselor, who can provide support for you. He/She can help you to explore the underlying causes of these emotional shifts and offer coping strategies that can help meet your needs.

Remember that seeking help is a sign of strength! Do reach out to your school counsellor and keep us updated on how it’s going for you. Hear from you soon.