Im confused

Im confused. I dont understand how im feeling, What i am feeling , why i am feeling like this.

I appear very happy go lucky , everyone around me also get the vibe which i hope helps them. Smiling is the best get away, everyone will think you are just happy! But i seriously do not understand? Know? How i’m actually feeling, or is it a neutral emotion? Im so confused. Im always so expressive with other people, but i just have a straight face when im alone. Its so werid, the only time i know what im feeling is when the emotion is suitable in the context, e.g watching my fav yt channel : happy and excited
Watching comedy : happy

Something like that, it is normal if you dont get too emotional right? Sometimes i react ALOT sometimes i just dont, just neutral .
Im so confused, this is normal right?


Hi @1outof7billion !

Thank you for taking the time to share your feelings and thoughts here on this platform. I’m sorry to hear that it’s been difficult for you to reconcile the feelings of happiness like “smiling” versus the underlying emotion of feeling “neutral”. I would like to affirm you that these feelings of confusion and anxiety are completely normal - we all experience these feelings at some point of our lives.

I also would like to assure you that it is absolutely normal if you don’t get too emotional, or if you overreact about some things, and also when you remain emotionally-neutral. Sometimes when we have these ups and downs, it can appear to be exaggerated or minimalized to ourselves but it might actually be very normal responses for ourselves :slight_smile:
For example: If I feel happy laughing about a cartoon show, it might look like an exaggeration to someone else who doesn’t find it funny - does it mean that there’s anything wrong with me or my feelings are overreacting? No, it just means that we all have different thresholds and limitations to what we find funny, sad, endearing, or what pushes our buttons, or creates an emotional response in us.

In simple terms - we are all different and we may respond to the same stimulus in different ways, and different magnitudes : and that is 101% okay :slight_smile:

So I want to assure you that it’s completely normal to feel confused about your own reactions and feelings.

However, I do want to put a little disclaimer here:

If you ever feel like your reactions and emotional responses are way out of line:

  1. As compared to what is acceptable in general, for example, "I enjoy hurting pigeons and cats and I feel calmer after I kick/hurt them"or
  2. It is disrupting your functioning, for example “I cry so much that my eyes swell and my head hurts and I can’t go to work and I can’t even shower”

Then I would suggest that you seek professional help and assistance and have a psychologist to assess for any mental health issues, as they are able to help further.

However from the sound of what you described, it does not seem to be in those 2 extreme examples that I’ve written, so you’re all good :slight_smile:

Do let us know how else we can support you and how you’re coping in the meantime! Do take care and keep us updated! :slight_smile:


This sounds quite normal to me, @1outof7billion :sweat_smile: I think it’s pretty normal to express yourself to others who don’t know how you feel. However when you’re alone, then there’s no need to “express” yourself to yourself because you’d probably be at peace with what you’re feeling.

I kind of get it. Thank you