I'm so confused

So, I had recently gone for an ADHD assesment with a psychiatrist and after his evaluation and checking off a few boxes in an interview he diagnosed me with ADHD and had prescribed me with medication. My cousin, who went to the same psychiatrist, had the same thing done except he got told by the psychiatrist he would receive a report from the psychologist working in the clinic. However, when I asked for a report like he did, the psychiatrist wrote me a signed letter to my parent just stating that I had been diagnosed by him. Neither of us had done the forms that were supposed to be given to our teachers.

Does that still mean I’m officially diagnosed or would having a report from the psychologist on top of this validate me thinking that?

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Hi @plvto

Thank you for sharing with us about your assessment.

Being officially diagnosed with ADHD typically involves a comprehensive evaluation, which includes clinical interviews, self-reporting, and often input from other sources such as teachers or parents. The lack of forms given to your teachers might be a part of the overall assessment process to gather additional information about your behavior in different environments.

While the signed letter from the psychiatrist confirms the diagnosis, having a detailed report from the psychologist can provide more comprehensive insights. The report may include a summary of the assessment process, the specific criteria met for the diagnosis, and any recommendations for treatment or accommodations.

If you have concerns or questions about your diagnosis, it’s completely okay to discuss them with your psychiatrist. You can ask about the possibility of obtaining a more detailed report or clarification on the assessment process. From there, you can get a confirmation from him as well if it is the final part of the assessment or if it’s official for your case.

Let us know how else we can support you.