Rant about being undiagnosed.. possibly having social anxiety?

I’m so tired… It’s been stressful for me ever since I’ve become more conscious of my mental health. I think i’m suffering from some anxiety, specifically social anxiety but I’ve never been officially diagnosed… and whenever I try to bring up the topic to my parents they’ll just call me dramatic. All they’ll tell me to do is pray and look forward to God’s plans or stuff… but it honestly never helps… I realise I need professional help, not to brag about being diagnosed, but to have people to realise and know my problems. I’m tired of comments from teachers like “stop acting shy”, “build up your confidence”, “speak up” when it’s honestly so ■■■■■■■ hard for me to. I’m tired of adults telling me ■■■■ to do as if it’s easy. I want to have friends and be confortable around people but it’s so hard… and I hate myself for not trying hard enough. I feel lonely, I’m jealous seeing people hanging out with their friends, I’m tired of mentally pushing myself to interact more and not do it in the end. Everyday, I think about dying… weirdly I imagine different scenarios of a car to hit me or a fatal accident… but i’ve never got the dedication to actually physically hurt myself.


Hey! Thank you for sharing how you are feeling here! How are you coping so far? Having had similar experiences before, I understand where you are coming from. Parents are typically more avoidant in scenarios when it comes to issues they are unfamiliar with. Would be good if you could find a trusted adult who you can share your thoughts and feelings with.

Be comfortable with who you are and take small steps as you deem fit. Don’t be pressured by society to be someone who you are not! Make friends at your own pace and interact with people when you have the social battery to do so. I am sure you are doing your best at where you are at.

I would suggest seeking your school counselor or a trusted adult to share your thoughts or feelings, or feel free to continue the conversation here!

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Thank you… honestly i’ve been looking forward to trying to reach the school councellor but i never really have the confidence to, but i’ll try when I can. And honestly, i’ve been more tired, eoy exams are coming soon… i havent reallu got a grasp in the subjects, burnout and completely lost motivation to study. I’m honestly anxious to talk to someone facetoface so sharing like this is more comfortable for me

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Glad you’re finding this community a safe space for you to share, @Emelisa. We’ll continue to be here to listen and support you along the way.

I think many of us here are probably introverts so we would feel anxious at times when we have to interact. I feel the same way as well and sometimes would really prefer not to talk if I could.

What’s worrying is if these symptoms last for a long time and if it starts to affect your day-to-day activities. Being in this state of uncertainty (about your condition) can also bring about additional stress. If you’d want a better and more definitive answer to what you’re facing, whether it’s a case of social anxiety or other issues then it’ll be best to speak to a professional. If you’re afraid to speak to a school counselor, there are also other community options out there that you could try (eg Limitless, iASH.sg)

Let us know how it goes! I hope you’ll recover soon from these feelings of anxiety and burnout. We’re rooting for you.

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