June Weekly Challenge #4: Go on a solo adventure 🏞

Has there been a place or activity you’ve been dying to do in Singapore but just haven’t had the time or people to do it with? :thinking:

Then this week’s challenge is to go forward and partake in that adventure! :fist:

We often feel like we need a reason or people to go out and do the things we’ve been wanting to do. However, there’s actually a lot of benefits to going on a solo adventure! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Similar to building relationships with others, spending more time with ourselves is essential in understanding our needs and wants better. More on self-discovery: https://mindline.sg/youth/article?type=resource&group=Myself&sub-group=Self-Discovery&resource-id=734

So this week, try:

  • Going to a shop you’ve been wanting to visit. :shopping:

  • Enjoying a stroll around a park. :walking_woman: :walking_man:

  • Eating your favorite meal at your favorite place. :shallow_pan_of_food:

  • Going somewhere you’ve never been before! :railway_track:

Remember to do what is comfortable for you but with just enough fun and adventure to push yourself outside of your comfort zone! :hugs:

Share in the comments what you did so others can also take inspiration :raised_hands:


Hi @Mili

Ive done a few of those things like eating at my favorite place.
I think when i do have the time i will go to Jewel or Gardens By the Bay

Thank you for the sharing and have a great week and weekend :slight_smile:

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