June Weekly Challenge #1: What are you proud of yourself or others for? 🤗

This week, let’s try to reflect on something we’re proud of :v:!

In a busy society like Singapore, things we have been wanting to do for ourselves can often be put on the back burner. Although we may not always find time to do things that feel “big”, it’s good to recognize and be proud of the “smaller” things we do too (e.g., getting up in the morning, going on a walk, cooking etc.,). Remember that no one defines what success means other than yourself :hugs:.

Taking note of these small achievements help keep us grounded and builds self-love and esteem. Find out more here :sparkles:

:point_right: So, what’s something you are proud of yourself for getting around to doing this week? Let’s share in the replies below :blush:

Also feel free to share any pride you feel for others as well and share the joy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



I’m proud that I got up today in the morning despite the nice weather that was perfect for a good sleep :laughing:.

I’m proud of my friend for getting through a tough time in her internship!


proud that im still alive and surviving/coping


Im proud that I finally checked the BBDC driving site to try booking practice slots (again…hahhaa)

Also proud of my sister for making it to her final week of work before university starts!


I’m proud of myself for finding time to game again. Just started playing Cityscapes on Apple Arcade. :100: :100:


I am proud that my daughter and I managed to confirm a vacation trip in 2 days.