Life is meaningless

Dear all,

This condition had been with me for decades. An empty void within that seems to show that life is meaningless.

Climbing corporate ladder is meaningless.
Doing volunteer work is good distraction but still meaningless.
Playing computer games is a distraction yet also meaningless.

Nothing really matters and when COVID hits, I really hope that I will be taken by death. Sadly it didn’t happen.

Decades ago, I had a thought of jumping out in front of a moving bus and end everything. Sadly rational thought stop me. However, I understand that if I just psycho myself to move forward for that few seconds, everything will have ended.

Thus I stop myself thinking such dangerous thoughts. Still the emptiness is still with me for these past decades. Does anyone have the same issue as me? How to rid yourself of the meaningless?

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wa this is such a deep question… in life, theres no right or wrong answer to meaning, its probably up to us to decide what is meaningful and what is not. you’ve found a few things you deem to be not meaningful, means youre a bit closer to actually finding what is meaningful for yourself. maybe some questions would be, why are thesefew things you’ve listed meaningless to you? and will those answer give you a bit more clarity as to what you may find meaningful?
i cant say im having the same issue as you, cos my definition of meaning hor is to spend my life with ppl i love and ppl who love me, and to make at least one person’s life a bit better everyday hopefully. that to me feels quite good… but i think that is because i know what is meaningful to me~
by continuing exploring, maybe youll find the answer for yourself too!!! :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

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hey, i struggled to find meaning in life for a long time too and i really resonate with your thoughts… but over time when things became less heavy i realised human connection is what i find meaningful… is there anything that makes you feel good or abate the thoughts for a while? i hope you find your meaning too!

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Thanks. Guess I never hope to find my answer here.

Well, will keep seeking. Thanks

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Thanks, will keep seeking even though probability of finding it is extremely low

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:frowning: i know the responses youre getting are probably super frustrating but as annoying as it is theres no clear cut answer to this… we all have to make meaning for ourselves and it really is difficult… i really hope you find it soon! even if you cant find a grand meaning, i honestly think just finding little things that make you happy can help a lot.


we can explore and find tgt uh!!
we humans spend our whole life making meaning out of everything no? pieces of cash where got meaning unless all of us agree its meaning is that it represents value and thus can be exchanges for other things like our time and other material goods. sometimes i will think how pointless that all is, but still have to earn money to live in this world…
then there are so many other things i think is meaningless, like luxury goods, but there are ppl who find them meaningful~
there are things i think are meaningful, like small gifts from my friends, but it can be so useless if given to another person.
in your past decades, anything or anyone that was meaningful or gave you some idea of what meaning life holds? :thinking:


Well, life does not need much material goods to be considered good… In fact, if I’m the ruling class, I will want to feed the general population such ideas… So that they will work hard for pieces of meats to help me obtain more riches… Yet in the end, in the pursuit of wealth, we had forgotten our humanity… The other human who are suffering… Those Ukrainians who are dying every day… Those in Gaza who are been murdered and starving to death… Yet, does it matter? If procreation is just to ensure humanity survival, is there a need for more human?

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I agree, actually I think that (most of) the world is taking capitalism too far. The rich are getting too rich, and the poor are getting too poor. Sometimes I wonder too, if there’s a better way to make society better. I’ve came across this radical idea before where every person’s wealth is capped at 1 billion. Not many reach that stage if in the event you do, you win in the game of life. Anything else should be redistributed to help the poor, help humanity grow as a species etc.

The book that “enlightened” me the most was Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. You should read it too, I really enjoyed the concepts presented in the book. Maybe you’ll find some answers there.

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Well I beg to differ from you… Communism sounds like a very good ideal, however it will never work due to human tendenacy… Human always want themselves to be unique, eg reap rewards without working hard for it, exploiting others in the process… And entitlement raise up a generation of spoilt brats… I don’t have the solution but don’t believe in giving freebies to the poor…


that’s true, there’s this Chinese saying about

富不过三代 (which means Wealth doesn’t pass 3 generations)

and another saying about

“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”

It’s true that pure communism is probably idealistic because people get lazy and stuff but I think it gives more meaning (if that’s what you’re looking for) compared to pure capitalism. In my mind, driving the collective good gives life meaning.

Well most ex-communist state’s general populance are usually very poor… The wealth are concentrated in the hands of those in power and eventually the populance will pay for the mistake of the ruling class (eg China famine during Mao).

However, anarchist might be better although there is no success story yet. Also, how will anarchist defend against invader?

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Interesting question, I’ve never been a big fan of anarchism. It’ll cause so much social disorder I think. It seems like you’ve thought through this, is there an ideal society in your mind?

From my limited understanding of anarchism, it doesn’t really cause much social disorder. Basically it’s a fully democratic society where everyone take part in decision making. However, it means there’s no government and thus probably unable to do huge project (like defence budget)

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think having “no government” goes beyond just not being able to do big projects. No government also means no uniform idea of law and order which means that there could be violence etc because different people have different idealogies. Sounds quite scary to me haha

My understanding of Anarchist is based on Freetown Christiania… It does not mean that there are no laws… There are agreed upon rules that all in the community must agree upon. Even people in democracy have different ideologies… It’s just that without taxes and centralized force to defend the country, when other nations invade you, how do you defend yourself.