Lonely and don't know what to do

I just constantly feel bad, lonely and want someone to talk to or just to be there for me but I don’t have like that one person that I’m close to and my family is also quite distant and resentful I can’t really talk to anyone I just really want someone. I was feeling okay until new year’s, I was just watching my phone to get through the day, went out and had my sister’s friends come over so I was busy I also did things like clean and organise or cook and before that I was in India which meant everyday was going out with family there but now it’s a new year which means I’m ever closer to getting back my o-level results and reminded me how less time there is before my world completely changes. Now even if I go out and hang with friends or try watch something I still feel the stress and anxiety of getting back my marks which makes me feel more lonely and I also don’t have the motivation to those things anymore like cook clean and etc. Ive always felt lonely since covid but now more than ever because once I get my marks my family will turn on me and I don’t really have that many or that close friends and will be very very lonely and ashamed and disappointed in myself but the thing is I did my best even though I was lonely and kind of depressed the entire year it was really hard to do anything and I made it to the end but my family don’t know my struggle they will just think that I was ‘watching too much tv’ or ’ didn’t put in enough effort’ even though I put in more effort than I had in me. feeling lonely and depressed and still having to do all this schoolwork with looming threat of o-levels which added a level of stress and anxiety my only crutch was my phone so yes I’m addicted but because It lets me escape into someone else’s life and even if I did explain this to my parents they wouldn’t understand or listen because they are very old fashioned

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Hi @Hanah123

Thank you for sharing with us your struggles, I commend you for your courage to be so authentic with us here. I’m really sorry to hear that you’re going through such a tough time. It sounds like you’ve been facing a lot of challenges, and I want you to know that your feelings are valid. It takes a lot of strength to share what you’re going through.

It’s clear that you’ve been working hard, both academically and personally, and that’s something to be proud of. The pressure of upcoming results and the fear of your family’s reaction can be overwhelming indeed. I want you to know that we recognize your efforts and acknowledge that you’ve done your best given the circumstances.

It might be helpful to explore ways to cope with stress and anxiety, perhaps finding new activities or outlets that bring you comfort. Additionally, if you ever feel comfortable, consider talking to a counselor or therapist who can provide professional guidance and support. You could talk to a school counsellor, or even an external one that’s nearest to your home (Family Service Centre)

Also, perhaps you could reflect and share with us:

  • What self-care practices have brought you comfort and relief in the past, and how can you incorporate them into your current routine to work through these challenging times?*

Remember, your worth is not solely determined by exam results, and you deserve understanding and compassion. It’s okay to reach out for support, and I’m here to listen. While I may not be physically present, I’m here to offer a compassionate ear and support you through this challenging period.

Let us know what steps you’ve taken and how you’re coping, we’ll be here for you.