Managing my emotions

I don’t feel like I’m doing enough, yet I get overwhelmed over the smallest things. I’m working full-time in a job that i don’t really enjoy and studying in a Uni course I am not really passionate about. I recently went through a heartbreak which is affecting me at work and in school. I see no way out of this lifestyle. I find everything meaningless.


Hi @Din12

Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts, I really commend you for your authenticity in sharing here with us. I hear you, it takes a lot of strength to express what you’re feeling right now too.

It sounds like you’re carrying an immense weight on your shoulders, juggling a full-time job that lacks fulfillment, studying in a course that doesn’t resonate with your passions, and dealing with the profound pain of a recent heartbreak. It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed when so many aspects of life seem to be pressing down on you.

The emotions you’re experiencing, the sense of not doing enough despite your efforts, and the feeling of meaninglessness are all real and valid. These feelings can sometimes cloud our perspective and make it difficult to see a clear path forward. Your struggles at work and in school, influenced by this recent heartbreak, are understandable, and it’s okay to feel this way.

To help us continue processing this, take some time to reflect on these questions:

  1. What activities or hobbies brought you a sense of fulfillment or joy before these overwhelming feelings took over?
  2. Have you considered reaching out to someone you trust or a professional to share your feelings and experiences, and do you think this might offer some support or guidance during this challenging time?

I want to encourage you, that even though you feel like there’s no way out of this lifestyle, it is not permanent. Your life is not set-in-stone and things can change for the better.

If you’re willing, I would really like to encourage you to try reaching out to a professional counsellor who can help you process these thoughts clearly together and also to find strategies to cope with your situation. Your stuckness can be untangled and I really hope you will seek support. You can start by reaching out to any of these online options:

  1. Limitless : Talk To Someone - Limitless
  2. CPH chat :
  3. IMH CHAT :
  4. :

I also want to encourage you to be compassionate to yourself. It’s okay to not have everything figured out right now, do be kind and understanding toward yourself and be patient as you heal and let your life unfold. Here is one short activity that you can try and practice: Mental Support & Wellbeing Resources in Singapore to Improve Your Mental Health |

I also would like you to try to challenge those negative thoughts and replace them with more positive and realistic thoughts, so that your thoughts do not overwhelm you. Do try out this tool to help you practice countering negative thoughts: Mental Support & Wellbeing Resources in Singapore to Improve Your Mental Health |

Remember, it’s really alright to not have everything sorted out at this stage of your life. What you’re going through is a lot to manage. It might be helpful to consider exploring what brings you joy or a sense of purpose, even in small ways, to bring some light into this seemingly dark time. While it might feel overwhelming, sometimes taking small steps or seeking support can gradually help to ease the burden and discover new pathways to change.

Last but not least, you’re not alone in this, and there’s hope for a different, more fulfilling path ahead, even if it might not be immediately visible. Stay patient with the process, and keep going.

Let us know how you’re doing and share with us more of your thoughts and experiences.


You’re actually doing quite well to be able to juggle studying and working. Not many people can do that. How would you prioritise if you had to drop something and start making changes?

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i need to be able to cope with my studies and not feel pressured by the people around me. my own feelings is more important than what others think

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