May Weekly Challenge #1: Reflect on the values you live by 🧭

Do you sometimes feel lost in life? Feel like you need a direction or compass?

Then you should try finding out your :sparkles: values :sparkles:!

Sometimes it can feel difficult to figure out what the “meaning of life” or what our purpose is. Afterall, we’re complex human beings and not machines that follow a single programming. Since it can be difficult to move away from this style of thinking, finding your set of values in life helps guide you towards finding that “meaning”.

Values are not goals but instead what we stand for and how we wish to behave in life. (e.g., My value is community :houses:, no matter where I go, I want to build a meaningful one)

Use the list provided in this link and share the top three values (e.g., Compassion :revolving_hearts:, Fun :tada:, Romance :gift_heart:) you hold close as you journey through life (e.g., in school, at work, at home, with family)!

If you find that this is all still a bit confusing, you may refer to the crossword puzzle :jigsaw: below that contains some values and see if the first three you find resonate with you.

And remember that you’re valuable yourself! :sunflower:

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Love the crossword puzzle, here’s the first three I saw! :grin:

  1. Joy
  2. Adventure
  3. Committment
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This crossword is very epic
The values I hold in my life are

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values i saw first-- joy, adventure, and commitment! i think these 3 encapsulate my values pretty well and accurately.

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My values are: commitment, honesty, and care!!


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