my family hurts

My dad gets angry at the easiest of things. Such as saying something wrong but you don’t mean it or even your slightest actions may trigger him. He’s not abusive but he scares me. I really hate it when he works from home. I don’t get my time away from him. the thing is he acts so different towards me and my sister compared to the general other. So different you would never tell.he looks fatherly and that’s true sometimes but I can’t do this anymore. My friend said that there’s too much pressure in my house and I kinda agree now. Even when I cry and if he sees me cry, he calls me weak and tells me why I shouldn’t cry. it’s just a way I distress. can’t he just let me be myself and let me live my life?

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Hi @babybear!
Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts, I commend you for your bravery and courage to be open here. I’m really sorry to hear this, it does sound like you’re having some difficulties with your relationship with your father and being at home seems to be stressful for you. Sometimes, dealing with a parent’s anger and feeling like you can’t be yourself can be incredibly challenging.

I’m not sure if you are keen to try these, but I do have some ideas in mind that can possibly help! Perhaps you could try talking to him and having an open conversation - sometimes parents just need to hear how we truly feel. You can try using more “I” statements, like “I feel really stressed when…” and try to help him understand your perspective.

However, I do understand that sometimes parents might not be open to talking about how they made you feel, so it would also be good for you to speak to a trusted friend or adult - just to share your feelings and thoughts so that you don’t bottle everything up inside. It’s important for us to have an outlet to share our feelings honestly. Sometimes we can do it through drawings, or painting, or even through exercising or taking a short jog - all these strategies can help us to relief the stress and pressure that might build up inside of us!
And I want to affirm you, it’s completely okay to cry! Crying is another way to express ourselves, and you’re right - it’s a way to de-stress too.

I would also encourage you to seek professional help so that you can cry openly and also share your innermost feelings and thoughts, and the best part - you can discover more ways to manage those difficult moments, such as strategies or communication skills!

It is so important for you to prioritize your mental health - even if it means crying it out :slight_smile: Please remember that your feelings are important and valid too. So don’t be afraid to reach out for further support!

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