November Weekly Challenge #1: Reach out to a loved one

We often stop ourselves from saying certain things to the people we love, as we fear vulnerability, or we are afraid of the other person’s reactions. Many of us might have also grown up in families that did not communicate effectively. This might cause us to feel uneasy, or even shut down, when we attempt to convey our emotions/ needs to someone who means a lot to us.

However, ineffective communication might lead to feelings of anxiety, insecurity and loneliness. It might also be difficult for you to maintain relationships, or leave you feeling uncertain about where you stand in a relationship.

It takes a lot of :sparkles:courage :sparkles: to be vulnerable about your feelings and emotions, but it is always worth it- for the sake of the relationship and for your mental health! :muscle:

Your challenge for this week would hence be to communicate something you never got the chance to, to a loved one. :speaking_head::revolving_hearts:

How did it go? How does it feel now that you have said the things you wanted to say? How did the other person react? Was it worth it?