December Weekly Challenge #1: Hug someone

Offering someone a hug, or asking for a hug, might seem a little awkward or overly-vulnerable. However, hugs actually help reduce stress :person_in_lotus_position:, make you happier :blush:, and reduce anxiety. :hugs: Moreover, the way you hug someone is a great form of non-verbal communication.

Sometime this week, try asking for a hug/ offering a hug to someone! :people_hugging: Even if touch might not be your love language, you might find that embracing someone might be a great way to receive/provide emotional support, and understand the other person on a deeper level.

Who did you hug, and how did the hug feel? Do you normally hug people? Do you want to give more hugs/ be hugged more in the future?

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I hugged my friend. We feels closer and relaxing whrn we hug our dearest ones. She was a bit worried because of few things. As i hugged she broke into tears. It comforted her. I hug my dearest ones. It make me comforting when i am sad sometimes just a hug can make me calmer.


Dad used to give me a hug after long days at school when I was younger and I was also in a girls’ school where exchanging hugs throughout the days were a norm but since stepping into the working world, hugs haven’t been so much of a daily thing. I remember those hugs being super comforting especially in the midst of school stress and the dreariness of lessons after lessons!

Recently I asked my fiance’s nephew for a hug and usually he’s not so accommodating (he’s the boss and does whatever he wants haha) but he willingly came in for a big hug this time around! For such a small boy, it brought me tremendous comfort. It kinda brought me back to those secondary school days and reminded me of how such small, inexpensive actions can go a long way :slight_smile:


I was raised by my grandmother and I hugged her today. Not the direct hug kinda hug but the side hug kinda hug. It was awkward given that we’re not the touchy type but I felt closer to her. I hope she lives long enough for me to hug her a few more times.